Tri-State Winter Market

Tri-State Winter Market

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The Tri-State Winter Market is the perfect place to find retro, vintage and antique goods

If you love retro, vintage and antique goods, mark your calendar for the Tri-State Winter Market. The event features over 50 vendors (58 currently booked to be exact) that range in a variety of merchandise.


The event will take place Feb. 1, 2015, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. “In some respects the Tri-State Winter Market is a natural extension of our summertime event that happens at the Lawrenceburg Fairgrounds during the warmer months, about a mile from the Event Center,” says Aaron Metzger, promoter of the Tri-State Winter Market.


They have promoted a similar, much larger event there for decades, Metzger says. In fact, next year will mark their 30th anniversary. “In almost 30 years of doing this we’ve seen our fair share of ups and downs, but in 2014, we definitely saw a resurgence, indicating that vintage is making a come back,” says Metzger.


The November show will be the maiden voyage for the Tri-State Winter Market event concept, and it will be held at the Lawrenceburg Event Center, which is a brand new convention center in downtown Lawrenceburg, Indiana. It has all the modern amenities imaginable, Metzger says, and it’s just approximately two miles west of Exit 16 from I-275.


“The adage of ‘what’s old is new again’ has always been true, and can be seen in everything these days from clothing to the designs on cell phone covers,” says Metzger. “Much of what is considered fashionable in many parts of society stems from designs that were fashionable at some point over the last 30 to 100 years.”



Also, durability is a factor says Metzger, particularly with antique furniture. “Simply put, it was built to last,” Metzger adds. “The range of styles and detail is varying throughout the shop. Marble top, art deco, victorian, dove tail, 100 plus year old paint jobs, etc, and it has stood the test of time and will continue to do so because it was made that well.”


With every item comes its own background and history. Rookwood pottery, for example, is a Cincinnati company that has been creating trend-setting and highly collectible pottery since the 1800s. Some of it will be for sale at the show, as well as many other items with a unique story.


As for the future, “we of course have the market in February next year, but beyond that, we hope to make it an annual thing with two or three dates in the winter of 2015-2016 and beyond,” says Metzger.


Admission for the event is $5 per adult. More information can be found at the Facebook page.