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VB in the City

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A local fashionista with a passion for travel and food launched a blog that showcases not only her own individual adventures but Cincinnati's exciting growth. Read on to learn more.

Writing has always been a creative outlet for Virginia Blair. “It encourage everyone to keep a journal, even if it’s just to jot down a few ideas each night,” she says. “Life is interesting. Your life is yours, it’s beautiful, make sure to document it.”

Blair took her own advice when it comes to writing and launched her very own blog: VB in the City. 

It started as Tumblr blog nearly 6 years ago, where she documented her interests but grew to become VB in the City as the city of Cincinnati continued to grow and she explored more of what it has to offer.

She started her blog the year after she graduated college, when she moved back to the United States as a way to funnel her creative energy. “To me, art is life,” she says. “As a writer, art dealer, and art appraiser, I see art everywhere.”

Blair especially sees the art in her topics that she writes about, including the Clifton Gaslight district, Mt. Storm Park, Wyoming, where she lived abroad, and now the downtown Cincinnati area. 

Not only does she write about her everyday experiences, she also includes posts about food, which she also sees as an expression of art.

“My palate was sparked with spices at a very young age thankfully, so when living in France and Italy and traveling beyond while finishing up college, I had the ability to not fear trying anything,” she says. “Writing about food during my travels near and far seemed second nature to me. Now living downtown for 5 years, I continue to write about amazing eats, watching this local culinary evolution grow and continue to grow.”

Blair is also passionate about fashion, and reflects that in her blog. She says that her love affair with fashion started with a dress from France that she fell in love with at the age of 5. This passion for fashion translates into many posts about local boutiques on VB in the City.

“The wonderful thing about fashion is you can jump from decade to decade, choosing what outfit suits what mood. Why wouldn’t you want to be in a killer outfit considering your life is the greatest feature film, so dress like the lead,” she says.

Travel is also a big part of Blair’s life and is a topic frequently covered on the blog. “I love different languages and obviously food, style, and remember one of my first dishes I created besides Indian cuisine being Russian and French,” she says. “Life is short and finding time to see beyond ones comfort zone is when I feel people really truly start living. Travel has taught me just that, to adventure a bit harder, to breathe a little slower, and open my eyes a little wider.”

Blair says there isn’t one particular blog post that has been her favorite, but she does enjoy reflecting on her travel posts. “With our lifestyle being fast paced, it’s nice to look back and embrace the beauty of the world, appreciate it, and slow down a bit.”

Through the New Year, Blair says that she hopes to continue to see growth in her blog. “I want to continue to embrace the topics I cover and am currently working on a cookbook as an extension of the blog, and hope to write more after my first cookbook is finished,” she says. “I would also like to see the blog expand with an online shop.”

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