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Villa Sanctuary

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From rustic French décor to sparkling accessories, a new local shop wants to help you live beautifully. Read on for all the details.

Brad Price is behind the newly opened Villa Sanctuary located in Milford.

Brad Price is no stranger to beautiful things. After working with custom, vintage and estate jewelry for nearly three decades with Krombholz Jewelers, he decided to chase a dream and open his own store.

Recently opened on Aug. 2, 105, Villa Sanctuary is located in Old Milford. The interior fashion boutique specializes in carrying an eclectic mix of new, vintage and antique home furnishings, lighting, tabletop center pieces, gifts and jewelry. This is the twist that separates Villa Sanctuary from most other competing retailers, Price says.

And while the store just recently opened, Price says it’s been in the world for more than three years. after being in the works for the past three years. “The transition from 27 years at Krombholz Jewelers to Villa Sanctuary is really as simple as an extending my love of beautiful jewelry to other beautiful things,” he says. “At Krombholz Jewelers, getting to know my clients taste and lifestyle, then designing pieces or selecting stock to share with them was my favorite part of the job. At Villa Sanctuary, it is the same thing – only I have a broader selection of categories to share.”

Price believes you should live your life “beautifully” – and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That’s why Price gets to know his clients on a personal level. “Because your home should be your personal sanctuary,” he explains. “Interior design is about elevating your spirit and centering yourself in this fast past world through how you feel at home.”


After 27 years in boutique style retail, Price says he developed a love for special events and trunk shows. That’s why, on Nov. 6 from 4-8pm, he will host the first official show of the season at his boutique that will be featuring Garnier Thiebaut linens and French cookware from Revol. According to Price, both of these brands are leaders in home furnishings and décor.

“We will be sharing French wine and cheese while having the opportunity to see some of France’s finest table décor,”Price says. During the show, he adds, they will be offering 20% off all items ordered at the event and your newly selected treasures should arrive from France in time for Thanksgiving.

Villa Sanctuary is located at 32 Main Street in Milford, adjacent from 20 Brix in Old Milford, which according to Price “has been a wonderful experience,” as it gives the store an opportunity to build excellent foot traffic.

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