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Vursa Limited

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Levi and JoJo Benton are the owners of Vursa Limited

A once online-only store has now opened a brick-and-mortar shop located in Cincinnati on Vine Street. Vursa Limited was launched in 2010 by owners Levi and JoJo Benton who have been dreaming of the day when they would open a physical store. Today, that store is located at 2722 Vine St. Cincinnati, Ohio, 45219.


Levi and Jojo started Vursa Limited while they were still in high school as a back-up plan for the two owners when Levi decided to tour with his band. The concept launched with only a $500 investment and two designs. The duo was surprised when the store took off with little marketing and no advertising. They saw the potential and decided to continue building it as long as they could keep up with it.


As of right now, Vursa Limited is slowly making its way to selling women’s wear but primarily focused on men’s street wear at their flagship store. They’re also making sure that everything is affordably priced making most t-shirts and hats under $25.

As for carrying other brands, they only carry different brands if the company is associated with a specific product Vursa Limited does not make. For example, Vursa Limited carries an exclusive backpack brand that you can only get at the store. The same goes for shoes and jeans.


“The best way I can describe it is as an ‘Underground Street Wear Boutique,'” JoJo says. Vursa Limited has many items that are available in limited quantities to keep their inventory and designs exclusive for clients.


For more information, visit Vursa Limited’s website