Where I’m From Apparel

Where I’m From Apparel

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Born and raised in Ohio, Andrew Vanderlind and long time companion, Ryan Napier, recently launched their business, Where I’m From Apparel. The Columbus, Ohio-based apparel line focuses on the pride that the individual has in where they come from, according to Vanderlind. “Our line carries a variety of designs, colors, and styles for men and women, the customer is able to get anything from a crew neck, vneck, to a tank top,” he adds.


Although there are companies that sell shirts with local love-inspired designs, Vanderlind says Where I’m From Apparel is different because their t-shirts are made with soft, high-quality fabrics. Plus, they offer an equal amount of male and female focused designs. “Most of our main competitors have not done a great job of providing women with the same options as they do men,” explains Vanderlind. “We feel that the women’s market has been underserved and we have seen great success with our women’s appeal since day one.”


They’re also price conscious, Vanderlind says. “Every t-shirt is sold for $25,” he adds. “It’s good quality at a good price!”


You can purchase Where I’m From Apparel online from their official website, www.whereimfrom.com. Where I’m From Apparel is also sold in Columbus-based stores such as Simply Vague, in Tuttle Mall, Polaris Mall and Devoted in the South Campus Gateway. Where I’m From Apparel will also be featured in the new Simply Vague that is opening in The Greene, located in Dayton, at the end of May.


This summer, Where I’m From Apparel will be hitting the road to attend different markets, festivals and trade shows. They are also going to search for new stores to carry their line of apparel. By the end of May, there will be three new shirt designs introduced. For Fall, there will be a full line of sweatshirts and long sleeve t-shirts by August.


For more information, visit www.whereimfrom.com.