Why Buy Estate Jewelry?

Why Buy Estate Jewelry?

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Call it nostalgia or call it character, there is a romantic aspect of estate jewelry that makes it sought out all over the world. Krombholz Jewelers is no different; charmed by the thoughts of all of the wonderful occasions the jewels have marked as well as the many events these pieces of jewelry have witnessed.


There are many reasons to buy estate jewelry. One of these reasons is estate jewelry often represent a great value and offer a collector or jewelry fan the opportunity to acquire something very unique.


A majority of estate jewelry Krombholz purchases or consigns is priced below today’s market value, so the savings can be significant. Also, the craftsmanship and quality in many of the estate jewels are no longer affordable to produce and in some instances the techniques are no longer practiced or available at any price.


Krombholz being a company that specializes in custom made one of a kind jewelry; the fact that with many estate pieces you are often getting that same, special uniqueness that you can’t find in chain stores is something they understand.


We often hear people commenting that some of the jewelry in our estate case “doesn’t look old enough to be estate”. There are a few key terms to sort out. Estate jewelry is a polite term for any jewelry that was originally owned by someone else. Antique jewelry, strictly speaking, is applied to jewelry that is at least 100 years old. Third term you will often hear is Vintage. We use the term vintage to describe jewelry that posses appealing design elements of a certain time period, such as Edwardian, or art deco.


So whether it is antique, vintage or estate, these pieces of jewelry offer an amazing opportunity to possess a unique accessory at a favorable value!


Would you like the opportunity to learn more and see some incredible examples of antique, estate and vintage jewelry? Come to the Krombholz Jewelers Antique Jewelry Event on October 7th and 8th. For more information, call the store at (513)891-1930 or go to krombholzjewelers.com.

Watch the webcast below to learn more about estate jewelry and the upcoming Estate Jewelry event Oct. 7-8 at Krombholz Jewelers.

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