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Now located in the former Girls World storefront in the heart of Montgomery is a new luxury consignment shop. Read on for details.

Your World is a new luxury consignment and resale shop located in the former Girl’s World storefront in Montgomery.

There’s something for everyone at Cincinnati’s newest luxury consignment store. Your World is located in the heart of Montgomery in the former Girl’s World Boutique.

“Girl’s World was such a cute boutique for girls and everyone loved it,” explains Owner Kate Mel. “I worked there for a few months before the previous owner decided to close its doors and I just didn’t want to let this place go. I used to be a regular customer there and loved buying clothes for my daughter from Girl’s World.”

Mel says her inspiration behind the luxury consignment boutique is her strong belief in recycling. “Fashion is so fast-paced now, so why not go with consignment,” she says. “Consignment shops are so trendy now and it’s actually cool to shop at them!”

Plus, she adds, kids grow up so fast, sometimes that they only wear an item once. “Or you buy a dress for a special occasion and end up wearing it once,” she says. “And it’s just sitting there in your closet.”

Kate Mel, Owner of Your World

Rather than let these only-worn-once items sit in your closet, Mel encourages customers to bring their items to Your World to sell.

“We carry all sizes for ladies and girls,” explains Mel. “And we added clothes for men and boys as well! We even have few small beautiful home decor items!”

What makes Your World different from other consignment shops around the city is that it’s half consignment half resale store.

“Since I bought the remaining inventory from the former Girl’s World and Pink Tulip Club, we are now selling it at the discounted price,” says Mel.

She adds that there’s a mix of high- and low-priced items, ranging from anywhere between $3 up to $500.

Your World is located at 7819 Cooper Road in Cincinnati. To learn more, give them a “like” on Facebook or a follow on Instagram.