New Year’s Real Solutions

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    Crooked teeth, zero social life, thinning hair and opposite-of-thinning thighs. Sounds like a real winner, right?


    We think so. That’s why Caryn Miller, Michelle Bradley and Ramona Fisch won a free makeover through Cincy Chic. Earlier in the month, we asked for nominations. After searching through more than 60 nominations, we chose these three nominees based on their various needs, expressed dedication and room for tangible improvements. 0208GIBBERMAN.gif


    So, yes, these women have big problems. That’s why we’ve enlisted in expert help from Dr. Gibberman with The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, Tuscany Salon, Allusions Hair Restoration, Ivy Pitzer with Plum Diore fashion boutique, Doug Gibson, owner of Sensible Fitness in Blue Ash, Cynthia “Cid” Kamuf, CFP® owner of Money Concepts Financial Planning Centre and Life Coach Mary Claybon with Promoting Health: The Middle Way. And here’s an overview of each woman and what they’re putting on the line in ’09.


    Caryn Miller

    “I currently hate looking in the mirror,” says 43-year-old Miller. With her thinning hair and body that isn’t exactly thinning, she’s just not happy. “I lost 75 pounds 10 years ago with Weight Watchers, along with a lot of hair that has never come back,” Miller says. “And then I gained 90 pounds back.”


    So, she’s resolving to lose 100 pounds by the end of the year. She’s also resolving to work with Allusions Hair Restoration to have a fuller head of hair, Tuscany Salon for a new way to style all those luxurious locks as well as a makeup makeover, Dr. Gibberman to whiten her pearly whites and Claybon to help her stay committed to her goals.


    “I would like to become the person I used to be; full of energy,” says Miller. “I feel I have lost myself over the years.” She also wants to move from Fairfield to West Chester, get all her debt paid off and obtain a savings account, enroll in school, get a laptop and possibly a new car. “I am currently sinking a lot of money into a car with 91,000 miles on it,” she says.


     Click here to check out Miller’s blog to track her accomplishments of all these lofty goals over the next year.


    Michelle Bradley

    Thirty-year-old Bradley is a police officer. Translation: She throws back her hair in a bun, throws on a uniform every day and doesn’t even bother with makeup. So, when it comes to fashion and beauty, she’s a little clueless. “I have to wear my hair pulled back off my collar at work so I usually end up wearing my hair in a ponytail most of the time when I’m home, too,” says Bradley. “I would love to learn how to take better advantage of my curly red hair.”


    She recently changed job shifts, and now has time for a social life. One problem, though: She doesn’t know enough people in town with which she can have a social life. “For the first time in six years, I actually work a normal day shift work week with weekends off,” she says. “[But] I’m not from 0109ALLUSIONS_inarticle.gifCincinnati and stayed here for my job so I don’t really have friends outside of work.” So, Bradley resolves to get more involved with volunteering and community organizations.


    So, the experts at Tuscany plan to put their skills to work on Bradley’s hair, eyebrows and makeup, Ivy Pitzer with Plum Diore will help Bradley find her inner fashion femme, Claybon will help her stay committed to her socialite goals and Dr. Gibberman will give her another reason to smile (literally) with a teeth whitening treatment.


    “[I need to be] shown how to do the girly things like applying makeup to bring out your best features and what clothing styles flatter your body,” Bradley says. “I am not married and have no kids so I wonder alot what the heck my purpose is. All of this I hope will help me find what that is.”


    Click here to check out Bradley’s blog to track her progress and cheer her along.


    Ramona Fisch

    Fisch is a poster child for the menopausal woman. Aside from her hot flashes and Red Hat Society 1108SENSIBLE.gifgroup, she recently picked up a spare tire. “My hour glass has turned into a water glass,” she laughs. Fisch longs to tuck her shirt in again, so she looks forward to ditching the spare tire. 


    But her main concern is above the waistline. Heck, it’s above the neckline. “I had the misfortune of cracking my front tooth off on a Tootsie Roll on my way home from a vacation,” she says. And she just recently got her adult braces off. So, she wants veneers and a bright white smile. She also wants a new ‘do and fresh new ways to apply her makeup. “I look forward to regaining my confidence,” she says.


    Click here to check out Fisch’s blog to see her transform over the next year.


    Photos: Amy Storer-Scalia

    Models: (left to right): Bradley, Miller and Fisch