Party Time!

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    You might remember dressing up with oversized clothes and jewelry and sharing some tea with your stuffed animals. Your imagination made the whole thing possible, but now your daughters and nieces can have a real tea party to remember when they grow up.


    La Tea La Owner Karen Cartwright makes it all happen by bringing the tea party to you. From the girls’ hats and gloves to chair decorations and table runners to cups and saucers, Cartwright brings everything for a full-fledged tea party for the kids. Before the day of the event, Cartwright even provides invitations for the party. 1209KROMBHOLZ.gif


    A typical party starts out with the party guests’ arriving and donning their party attire. "I have tons of sparkly necklaces and bracelets and a bunch of hats, really bright, colorful, flowery hats, and for the boys I bring some derby hats too," Cartwright says. To add to the fun, she also brings a full-length mirror so that each guest can check out their new look.


    Once everyone is ready in their tea-party getup, the kids have a fashion parade with the guest of honor leading the way. "Often times I’ll have them if they want put their hands on their hips and glam it up a little bit," Cartwright says, so this makes for a fun photo op for the parents.


    Then it’s time for lunch. Cartwright caters the food to kids, so the tea cookies have smiling faces and the "tea" is really lemonade or pink lemonade. To balance out the sugar, she also brings foods like carrots and fruit kebabs. Cartwright also uses lunch as a chance to teach all of the kids about table manners and read a couple books chosen by the birthday girl. 


    After lunch Cartwright helps the kids with a couple activities, including a sparkly tiara craft where each girl can make her own crown, and Cartwright can bring a different Elizabeth-InStory.gifactivity for any boys at the party. Guests also get to decorate cookies or cupcakes, which can even serve as the birthday cake. 


    Then it’s present time. "I record all the gift givers’ names and what they’ve given for the parents’ convenience, so if they want to send thank you cards, they have a list right there," Cartwright says. 


    To round out the day, Cartwright has a few optional tea-oriented games or the kids can have some unstructured time to play. And when it’s time to really wrap things up, each attendee receives a goody bag with age and gender appropriate gifts.


      The La Tea La parties really make for a memorable party for the little ones, but adults like to have fun too. It’s a treat to dress up in cocktail dresses and go out for a drink with the gals, but it can be even more fun to have a grown-up tea party every once in a while. 


    Mrs. Teapots Tea Room in Bellevue gives you the chance to revamp your childhood imagination and enjoy a tea party just like when you were a kid. This English-inspired teaPhotobucket room gives you the chance to catch up with the gals over a pot of tea. 


    That pot can brew a wide selection of teas, and you can make it a complete meal with Mrs. Teapots’ soups, salads and sandwiches. If you’re looking for a real treat, try their specialty: homemade chicken salad.


    The best part about the place, though, has to be their private party room. This privacy gives you and your girlfriends the chance to let loose a little more and enjoy the escape into tea time. 


    This makes for a perfect place for a baby shower. The guest of honor won’t feel out of place when she can’t drink alcohol when everyone else is sipping their brew right along with her. And the party room can help you add elegance to any bridal shower.


    For more information on how you can bring the tea party to you for a memorable event for the kids, check out And to learn more about how you can share in the tea party celebration with a get-together of your own, check out



    Photographer: Neysa Ruhl
    Model: Madeline and Karen Cartwright and Paige Greis (top photo); Paula Gallo-Knight (bottom photo)
    Location: Fischer Homes