50 Life-Changing Ways to Improve the New Year

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    1. Never eat lunch alone.
    2. Write thank you letters. Thank you e-mails don't count. We're talking card, handwriting, envelope and stamp.
    3. Remember your server's name. You want the person handling your food and credit card to like you.
    4. Do housework in your skimpies – you have to do something to make chores more fun!
    5. Manage your stress; don't let it manage you. When you feel stressed, close your eyes and imagine yourself in your "I want to be there right now" vacation spot.
    6. Smile at people on the street instead of looking through them.
    7. Keep a gratitude journal. Write about what you're grateful for before you go to bed.
    8. Don't diet. Make lasting changes to your lifestyle.
    9. Make something homemade with your girlfriends.
    10. Holding a grudge? Let it go today.
    11. Every once in a while, surprise your coworker with a cup of coffee, bottle of water or an apple.
    12. Welcome change – good change, difficult change, destructive change and transformative change.
    13. Throw pennies in fountains.
    14. Talk to strangers in the elevator.
    15. Mentor someone.
    16. Make a monthly resolution.
    17. Invest in monthly massages. Buy the package now, because you'll come up with excuses later. Other than just feeling good, massages can reduce signs of aging, blood pressure and stress.
    18. Surround yourself with people who encourage you. Let those that don’t fall by the wayside, and embrace those that do.
    19. Go to Quotegarden.com, find an inspiring quote, write it on a Post-It and put it inside your medicine cabinet so you see it every morning.
    20. Fanning an old flame? Don't. There's a reason why he's in the past, and you can't move on until he's fully extinguished.
    21. At work, dress not for the job you have, but the one you want to have.
    22. Go to the mall and have someone show you how to put on eye makeup, and match you for a good lipstick.
    23. Through the good, bad and ugly – remember to laugh.
    24. Do your "Dr. Kegel-recommended exercises." Confused? Look it up.
    25. Pay it forward.
    26. Don't do work in bed. Your sleep will suffer if you do – seriously.
    27. Walk with your shoulders rolled back to exude confidence.
    28. Find a good shoe cobbler to keep for favorite kicks kicking without looking like they're about to kick the can.
    29. Lean in when people talk to you.
    30. Write love letters.
    31. Believe in karma.
    32. Buy a 32 oz Nalgene bottle, fill it up with water and make it a goal to drink two every day.
    33. Get into aromatherapy. Put lavender on your pillow to relax you at night, burn a citrus candle in the morning to wake you up and chamomile at work to relieve stress.
    34. Wear clothes that fit.
    35. Learn about your family lineage.
    36. Invest in a good eye cream – no matter how young or old you are – and apply it with your pinky finger.
    37. Fix your teeth. People look at them. A lot. Just warning you.
    38. Make a point to compliment at least one person every day. It feels good, and it will score you serious popularity points.
    39. Buy those comfy shoe insoles.
    40. Have "date night" with your favorite gal pals. Get dressed up and go to a cute swanky place.
    41. Volunteer.
    42. Invest in a new pair of sunglasses. Prevent those squint-related wrinkles and revamp your look at the same time.
    43. Get up 10 minutes earlier so you can apply your make-up in a well-lit room, not on your drive to work.
    44. Buy a planner and use it daily. Make sure to add address and birthday info.
    45. Send friends birthday cards. Or at least call. Remembering birthdays is beginning to be a lost art.
    46. Work out in the morning. Too many excuses can pop up if you do it after work.
    47. Get measured for your bra size. Time Magazine just reported that 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. You're most likely one of them.
    48. If you have to watch TV, at least do something productive. Stair master, paint your nails, iron tomorrow's outfit. Whatever. Just do something.
    49. Make a list of things you want to do before you die.
    50. Make the necessary plans to cross the first thing off that list.