The Beauty of Staying in

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    What do you do when you stay home? Well, that depends on your mood. You have lots of options. Make the most of your "in night" time. Relax, be creative or do something you’ve been meaning to get around to doing.

    Clean out your underwear drawer. Seriously! You’ll be surprised at what’s in there. Last time I cleaned out mine, I found a pair of those old big whites, a picture of an ex-ex-ex boyfriend and my 2004 New Year’s resolutions. Ironically, one of the resolutions was to get rid of stuff I don’t use, don’t want or don’t wear anymore. So, the big whites and the picture had to go. I’m still working on the other resolutions.

    But don’t stop at your underwear drawer, you’re on a mission. Clean out everything. Put on your favorite song, grab a drink and move from room to room.

    Tackle that "I really don’t have the time to do that" pile. Sew the missing button on your pink blouse, shine your shoes or lighten your load and clean out your purse.

    If you’re in a sentimental mood, put those pictures in the albums you bought a year ago. Looking at your pictures might inspire you to connect with an old friend.

    If you find yourself more in the creative mood, grab some paper, scissors, double-sided tape and those old magazines you’ve been meaning to go through. Check out the magazines for pictures or little blurbs you can use to make a card. Write a quick note to a friend on your masterpiece and make their day.

    Pick up the phone and connect with the brother you should have called weeks ago, the person that talks forever who you usually don’t have the time to listen to or your mom that’s been hoping you would just call to say, "Hi."

    If the kitchen is your favorite space, bake cookies for a friend, make chili for dinner tomorrow or stir up a simple meal for you to enjoy out on the deck under the stars.

    Of course, there is the "treat yourself right while you have the time" option, too. Check out those toes. Could they use a pedicure? Have you been meaning to condition your hair, pluck your eyebrows or bleach your teeth? Go girl!

    Would you rather just relax? Put on your favorite music. Corinne Bailey Rae is one of my favorite CDs to unwind to. Throw a damp towel in the microwave to warm it up. Wrap the towel around your neck, close your eyes and daydream.

    Enjoy the outdoors. Walk around your backyard or sit on your deck and read a book. Wish on star. Let your mind wonder. Enjoy the smell, sights and sounds of spring. It's a a beautiful time to live in Cincinnati!

    Make the most of staying in. You have lots of options. Take a few minutes, while you stand there in your comfy at home attire and decide what makes you happy.

    Tomorrow when you’re out with a friend, you’ll have a new attitude. You’ll be relaxed as you step out in the sandals you just found in your closet that show off your freshly painted pink toes. Oh, and don’t those toes coordinate nicely with the pink blouse you sewed the button on yesterday?

    "In night" time gets you ready to enjoy the outside world.