Get Out!

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    Foot Solutions
    Do you tear off your shoes at the end of the day? Don't feel like going out with your friends because your feet are killing you? Want to exercise, but it hurts too much? Visit Foot Solutions in West Chester. They know feet! Foot Solutions in West Chester specializes in attractive, supportive shoes, as well as custom arch supports. Their experts will analyze your needs and make recommendations tailored to you. Your feet will be happy again!

    Morgan's Canoe and Outdoor Centers
    Make a splash in the outdoors this year with a fun-filled canoe trip! Located on the Little Miami River and Whitewater River, Morgan's is the Tristate's largest, oldest and most experienced, outfitter. These fun-filled Canoe and Outdoor Centers offer 1-3 day canoe, kayak, rafting, tubing, camping and cabins. Enjoy the great outdoors with your family, company or group. We offer the best equipment, service and instruction to get you started out right!

    Satisfaction Cruises
    Vicky Bezak, 513-231-9042 ext #3
    Where luxury meets an outdoor adventure: Satisfaction Cruises. The “Satisfaction II” exclusive yacht offers a gracious entertaining experience, with fine food, dynamic sound systems, panoramic views of the Ohio and Kentucky shorelines and superior service. You’ll have to plan ahead for this one! Call or go to their Web site to book and confirm your event. Then, start planning your atmosphere or theme so the yacht is set to your specific expectations when you board.

    Southwest Ohio & Cincinnati Hiking
    Type in “Cincinnati” into a search engine and you'll get the unexpected. You'll get the traditional weather and population information, but you'll also read “138 parks covering more than 5,000 acres.” For those trail-lovers out there, that's music to your ears. But before you trek all over Southwest Ohio in your car trying to find a trail that suits your needs, check out that rates them all for you and provides helpful logistics about each.

    For nearly 40 years, Summerfair has been supporting and promoting artists and the arts in Greater Cincinnati. The organization's activities include: supports for individual artists including grants and exhibitions; community-based art activities and events; and a nationally-recognized annual fine arts fair.

    Union Terminal's Omnimax
    Rather experience the outdoors indoors? The Union Terminal's Omnimax is now featuring "The Alps," which gives you the opportunity to follow one man's triumphant journey and personal quest to make peace with a mountain that took the life of his father 40 years earlier.

    Dude Ranch
    Dude, where's my horse? Okay, sorry. We couldn't resist. But all kidding aside, there's a dude ranch near Cincinnati! It's just 10 minutes from Kings Island. This place has horseback riding, western cattle drives, hayrides, roping, and more.

    Love to golf? Check out this site to learn more information about all the local courses, and also snag some coupons and discount codes for your next round!

    Women Outdoors
    A group that says it's okay to hike in heels: Women Outdoors. Check out this national organization that welcomes all women and provides activities for all levels of experience and ambition.

    Other Outdoor Activities
    Cincinnati's Regional Chamber of Commerce provides a collective list of information and links to outdoor attractions and recreation. Learn more about Greater Cincinnati's parks, art, clubs, architecture and historic districts.

    Top Ten Survival Tips:

    1. Always leave a travel plan with someone.
    2. Carry a few basic items in case you do have to spend the night, such as a garbage bag, lighter, whistle, pocketknife and water bottle.
    3. Pack some basic gear along – like a garbage bag – and you can create a quick shelter if need be.
    4. Don't wear cotton. That just holds water and perspiration. Try a wicking material that will wick sweat away from your skin and evaporate quickly.
    5. Get into the habit of carrying at least three fire making sources on you. A lighter in your shirt pocket and a spark rod and Windproof matches in your pants pocket or pack will do.
    6. One of the best emergency fire starters are 100% cotton balls smeared with vaseline (a petroleum product). One of these will burn 4-5 minutes and a batch can be stored in a film canister.
    7. Carry a signal mirror in your pocket. The glimmer from a mirror can carry for miles and a signal mirror can be used on a windy day unlike the smoke from a fire.
    8. Always have a bandanna with you. This helpful item can be used as a water strainer, cap, scarf or water collector.
    9. Know your limits and when it is time to turn back or stop to rest.
    10. Keep your cell phone on you! If you have a Blackberry, turn the email update function off – after all, you are on a getaway adventure – and plus, it prolongs the life of your battery in case you need that phone later.