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    Jeweled Glassware

    • wine glasses – any shape or size
    • rubbing alcohol
    • gold contour paint
    • glass stones
    • assorted beads
    • tweezers
    • optional: string of fake pearls
    • optional: gold ribbon


    1. Wash and dry the glasses. Remove all traces of grease, using rubbing alcohol if necessary.
    2. Starting at the bottom of the glass, apply gold contour paint swirls to a small area only so you don't smudge the work by covering too much of the glass at one time.
    3. Gently place the largest stones at random on the wet contour paint. Work in sections, adding to the piece as each section dries.
    4. Fill in the design by adding smaller beads. To avoid touching the contour paint, pick up and place the beads with tweezers. Gently press the beads into place. Let each section dry before building up the complete design.
    5. Optional: Wrap a string of fake pearls or gold ribbon around the stem of the wine glass, from top to bottom.

    (Source: DIY Network)



    Embellished Espadrilles

    • Canvas espadrilles
    • Beaded fringe trim, beads or buttons
    • Needle, thread and scissors
    • Straight pins

    Cut two pieces of beaded fringe to fit top of espadrilles. Secure with straight pins and sew in place. Try to begin stitching on the top of the shoe – hiding the stitches under the button or trim – so that knots aren't placed against top of foot.

    Alternately use buttons, if desired, to embellish the espadrilles. Sew the buttons across the top to secure.
    (Source: DIY Network)


    Lucky Dice Cufflinks

    • Cufflink findings
    • Dice (hopefully, a lucky pair)
    • Glue

    Once you have your dice, decide which side of the die you want on top. Add a bit of glue to the opposite side, as well as the cufflink finding. Allow glue to dry and repeat for second cufflink.

    Alternately, consider drilling a hole in one corner of each small die (four total). Glue small eyehook into each hole. Attach a short chain to pair of dice small enough to fit through buttonhole.
    (Source: DIY Network)



    Ribbon and Rhinestone Necklace


    • 4 x 15" pieces of ribbon
    • 15 Large flat-back Rhinestone beads
    • 15 small flat-back rhinestone beads
    • 15 AB colored flat-back rhinestones
    • E-6000 Glue


    1. Make sure the surface of your ribbon is free of dust and stains. Place the rhinestones in the pattern you have decided on for the ribbon necklace. Leave 2 inches on either end as the tying ends for the choker.
    2. Place a small amount of glue beneath each rhinestone, and press into place.
    3. Repeat this process until you get the design you want.
    4. Allow time for the glue to dry, then string some glass beads to the ribbon below to mix up the design.

    (Source: DIY Network)

    Sea Glass Jewelry

    • sea glass or other small beach treasure
    • small jewelry pliers, tweezers or old scissors
    • wire snips
    • 20-gauge wire of your choice
    • smaller gauge wire (optional )
    • super glue or hot glue (optional)

    First, determine how long you want your necklace to be and cut the wire to that length plus 1 inch for the hook. An average length is 16 or 18 inches.

    Hold on end of the wire in tweezers, pliers or old scissors about 1/4 inch from the end and curl the wire around in a loop. Be sure to tuck the end in to the wire so it won't scrape your neck.

    Curl in the other end in the same way, creating a slightly larger hook instead of a small closed loop this time.

    Play around with string or scraps of wire to determine how you want to wrap your treasure into a pendant. Be sure to wrap at least three sides, if not four, in order to make a secure casing around it. Start with about 6 inches of wire and make a small loop in the middle, twisting several times to secure it. Then, place the loop at one end of the glass and began wrapping the rest of the wire around it in a random manner. Then, feed the loop onto the hooked end of the necklace and slide it into place. When the pendant is on the necklace, simply slip the hook into the loop to close it.

    Tip: You might want to secure the wire to the back side of the pendant with super glue or hot glue.
    (Source: DIY Network)



    For Those Non-DIYers
    Not everyone has the creative gene, or the time to get crafty. If that's you, there are many talented local design shops – like Phoenix Rising Designs – that create breathtaking pieces that will never be duplicated, but will always be admired.

    Lindsay Hastings, owner and designer for Phoenix Rising Designs, has been in the jewelry business for 10 years. The benefit of getting an expert like Hastings make your designs for you is that she has the connections and a trained eye for the highest quality materials possible.

    "I am knowledgeable in gemology as well as a gemstone therapy practitioner, Precious Metal Clay Certified instructor – and of course – a jewelry designer. My designs are inspired by the gems themselves, I have been a rock hound for as long as I can remember." Hastings adds, "My company's phrase is 'Opt for the Unusual' and all the jewelry I make is one of a kind or custom made."