Cool Summer Travel Hotspots

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    Usually, agreeable summertime weather makes Europe a hotspot for history and sight seekers. Italy is especially popular this year. If you plan to visit holy sites in Italy, such as the Vatican, be sure to have appropriate clothing. This means no shorts or short skirts and women should have a sweater to wear over sleeveless shirts or dresses.

    Watch history come alive. Savor new foods. Shop for exquisite fashion. Thrill at a top-notch theater. Discover new passions.

    Europe is truly a palate of pleasures for the senses — enticing, entrancing and exciting. It's Harry Potter, Shakespeare and Sherlock Holmes come to life. Its fairytale castles and real kings, queens and princes. It's thriving cities, breathtaking countryside, quaint pubs and the world's finest museums. It's days of sightseeing, or just a long afternoon sitting at a sidewalk café. It's magical and it's undeniably magnificent.

    National Parks
    The nation’s network of national parks is most busy in the summertime; some of the most popular are Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier and Grand Canyon National Parks. But don’t forget Washington, D.C., which always attracts throngs of families and tour groups all summer long. Washington, D.C. can be very hot and humid in the summer, so make sure your hotel has a pool.

    From the gaming cities of Nevada, to the cosmopolitan cities of California, to the purple sunsets and desert landscapes of Arizona, the West is full of fun in the sun. The heartland of the U.S. offers great lakes, great shopping and grand monuments. Travel east for history, culture and world-class entertainment in our nation's largest cities. In the south, slow down and enjoy blissful warm weather, wide beaches and make new friends.

    Theme Parks
    Walt Disney World continues to be a favorite for young and old. Summer is a great time for families, including grandparents, to take in the sights and fun of a Disney Vacation. Get a dining plan with the purchase of this 5-night/6-day vacation package including theme park tickets. Disney is inviting you to come live out Disney dreams like never before during The Year of a Million Dreams, a first-of-its-kind event, celebrating your dreams and the dream-making magic Disney cast members create every day at the the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

    Each and every day during The Year of a Million Dreams, the Disney cast will be surprising guests with enchanting dream-come-true entertainment and magical moments happening during this very special year. Suddenly you are not watching a parade, you are in the parade. Not only do you see a princess, you become a princess, or a pirate. It’s imagination in full force. Make-believe, made real.

    Summertime cruises make it easier to see many destinations in one vacation, especially to northern climates. Exploring the glaciers and wilderness of Alaska – and basking in never-ending days of sunlight – has become a favorite and affordable summertime trip. If you want to stay near the Denali National Park entrance, be sure to book early. Rooms are limited and July and August fill up fast.

    Visiting Hawaii is so exciting. Each island has its own personality, weather patterns and activities to seek. Visit Pearl Harbor, explore Oahu and then hop over to one of the other islands such as Maui for R&R, golf and exploration.

    Another option to visit Hawaii would be a seven-day cruise! You can start in Honolulu and travel to Kauai, Hilo, Kona and Maui to name a few ports, all while unpacking just once. Of course, meals are included, making this an affordable way to visit the islands.

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