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    Gone are the days where a high school degree was good enough, as long as you had the drive an ambition to get where you wanted to go.


    Today, it takes years in the classroom and tireless intern hours to give you the experience and degree for that successful career you’ve always dreamed of. This isn’t only affecting the new generations of high school graduates, but it’s also affecting adults who have been in their line of work for years. Teachers, accountants and police officers – just to name a few – are all being forced to hit the books just to keep their career, as companies realize the benefit of a well-educated employee.



    According to a recent report, an individual rate of return on employee education is 12.5 to 25 percent, so companies across the Tri-State are implementing continuing education programs for their employees in hopes to gain greater productivity, increased employee retention, improved employee satisfaction and an increased competitive edge in the marketplace. But teachers, for example, are being forced to conduct a class by day and be a student by night, and family life is taking a backseat to continuing education. Fortunately, technical schools and universities across the region are working with adults who have careers and families continue their education by offering online and evening classes.


    Gateway Community and Technical College has four campuses around the Northern Kentucky area in Edgewood, Boone County, Highland Heights and Covington/Park Hills. Each satellite campus offers classes for every age and lifestyle. With small class sizes, more than 300 majors and 200 certificates available, Gateway offers a higher education at a lower price than a university.


    The University of Cincinnati is paving the way to be a leader in distance learning and outreach to bring their curriculum to any student on any schedule. These online classes offer those invested in their families and careers the chance to learn from home, by e-mailing in assignments and taking assessments via Blackboard or other learning hubs. Even though there’s still a time commitment, it can be divided a little easier, rather than being restricted by a physical classroom. 0408OAKLEY.gif


    If a classroom and in-person professor is key to unlocking your learning potential, you’re in luck because most local technical colleges and universities offer night classes, as well. That way, you can avoid the daycare expenses and that annoyed look on your boss’ face.


    If you aren’t just watching your clock, but your budget as well, Miami University offers the same courses at its Oxford, Middletown and Hamilton campuses; but many classes at Middletown and Hamilton are at more convenient evening times and have a much lower price tag.


    Some companies, such as HSR Business to Business offer an in-house continuing education program, which provides employees educational opportunities for personal and professional skill and knowledge enhancement. Other companies, such as Cincinnati Bell have partnered with one university, in their case Mt. St. Joseph, to provide their employees with educational opportunities at an exclusive discount that they couldn’t get otherwise. Ask your HR manager to see if your company offers these education benefits, as many in the Tri-State do.


    It’s never easy going back to school or starting college at all. It costs a lot of money, it requires a lot of time and hard work, but it does pay off in the end. So, whether you are forced to get the grades to keep your job or feel like bettering yourself with a higher education, do your homework and you can find a learning opportunity that perfectly fits your busy lifestyle.


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