Crank up the Intensity

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    Michelle Yi, a UC fashion design senior that landed a contending spot in CBS' "Survivor: Fiji" show, is a rock climbing fanatic, and she gets her fixes at Climb Time in Blue Ash. Climb Time has great "bouldering," she explains, which is a type of rock climbing undertaken without a rope and normally limited to very short climbs so that a fall will not result in significant injury.

    Yi says RockQuest in Sharonville is wonderful for routes, which is a type of rock climbing undertaken with a rope and is normally a longer climb. "If you want to go outside, spend a weekend at Red River Gorge, or even an afternoon at the old bridge in Eden Park," she adds. For more route information go to

    According to Yi, there are many people in Cincinnati that enjoy the sport of rock climbing. "There are a bunch of great people that climb in the city," she says.
    "Everyone is very friendly and it's a very positive energetic group."

    Rock climbing isn't the only unique sport Yi has taken a liking to. She has also practiced boxing, skateboarding, breakdancing and capoeira. "It's amazing the communities and people you can fall into as long as you have the interest," Yi says. "Sometimes in Cincinnati, it seems like it is hard to find, but I guarantee it's out there."

    It definitely is out there, and Cincy Chic is here to tell you where to go. Here are a few places you might want to check out:


    For other high-intensity activities just outside of the Greater Cincinnati area, West Virginia offers thrilling whitewater rafting adventure trips, mountain biking and caving explorations.