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    M641 Clothing Co.
    If you have a taste for unique feminine flair with a sophisticated edge and a dash of Indian styling, then we have a clothing line for you. Bursting with creativity, good business sense and a love of fashion, friends Ina and Subu left the corporate world to embark on a fashion filled journey to create Madras 641 Clothing.


    The result is a core collection of tunics, blouses, dresses, and button down shirts as affordable as they are memorable. Pieces range from $35-$75 and can be found locally at The Mustard Seed Boutique in Clifton, and Bajon Salon in West Chester. The combination of Subu’s Indian influence and Ina’s common American style of the west translates into innovative design unlike most fashion available today. We love the stellar sophistication and asymmetrical button detail of the Power Behind the Throne tunic that can easily double as a mini dress (Fall/Winter 2008). For a more casual look, giddy up in style with Mughal Mare button down shirt. The tartan corset styling and filigree horse print is a brilliantly modern take on western style.


    M641 is an innovative and affordable clothing line that follows through with our local co-founders goal; to make your wardrobe personal and memorable.


    Nati Evolvement
    Fed up with the unfavorable perception of our Queen city, in 2005, local DAAP graduate Michael Palmer teamed up with fellow Cincinnatians Adam Bowen, Colin Groth, and Mat Norcia to create Nati
    0708DEGROOT_FASHION.gifEvolvement. The result of their passion and creativity is unique street style clothing line that is a fun, hip way to support the Nati and promote a more positive attitude of our region. With local prosperity at the heart of what they do, Nati Evolvement welcomes new and innovative entries from local designers, supports numerous local activities, and offers a forum of recognition for area artists and musicians on their website. The company has taken their local love a step further and partnered with several local start-ups as they develop their image in the Cincinnati market.


    Aside from the positive reflection of our region, we love the urban styling and graphic design of their tees, hats and hoodies. The clothes that reflect the soul of our great city are available online and local boutiques Park + Vine downtown and Denim in Oakley.


    Fanattik is a revolutionary apparel company that promotes “Agents of Change” by outfitting high school students in spirit wear and real world experience. Fanattik forms local partnerships between local highschools and selects 2-3 students to design, produce, and market their school’s spirit wear and apparel. Dubbed “Agents of Change,” these students become involved in a program that includes meetings with business leaders, pro athletes and inspirational speakers in our community. The result is innovative spirit wear and an internship program to promote creativity and education that is a win-win situation for all. Founder and president Chad Reynolds credits much of his success to early opportunities in real world business environments and is fully aware of today’s changing global environment high School students must be geared for. Reynolds and his business
    0908_SENSIBLE.gifpartner Beth Schlehr close the gap between book knowledge and real world business experience, while enhancing creativity in the world of fan fare fashion. Once launched, the Web site will function as the main marketplace. We support and cheer on Fanattik as they become platform for fashion, education and creativity in our community.


     SVA- Creations
    These days, designers have made going green a permanent staple in the every changing world of fashion. Sownya Parigi, artist and owner of SVA Creations, is yet another example that going green can be glamorous. Born in India, Parigi dreamed of creating a fashion fusion of art and style as eco friendly as it is fabulous. In 2006, SVA Creations was born, offering unique hand painted bags for fashionably-conscious consumers. Every piece is made of Jute, 100 percent recyclable and bio-degradable, and painted with non-toxic colors and embellishments. Parigi’s handbags, totes, lunch bags, wine bags, and diaper bags are eco-chic and available online and at local boutiques Park + Vine downtown, and Originalities in Hyde Park Square. Further ensure your bags originality by custom designing your work of art. Fashionable, artistic, and earth friendly, with SVA Creations it’s in the bag.


    Stay tuned for future issues highlighting talent local designers on your local fashionista enabler, Cincy Chic!


    Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography

    Location: The McAlpin
    Model: Victoria Bailey, New View Management Group, Inc.
    Makeup Artistry: 
    Charlie Greer, Lancome Makeup Artist, Saks Fifth Avenue