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    The roaring ’20s wasn’t just a period in US history — it’s a time when our lives are fast-paced, exciting and even somewhat reckless at times. It’s a phase of learning, choosing and starting our careers and forging important relationships. It’s also a time when we can get away with things that might be more difficult later, such as skimping on sleep, eating junk food and keeping the local watering holes in business. However, it’s also a time when setting good habits regarding diet and exercise will have the biggest payoff in the long run. Two key tips to remember in your ’20s is to protect your skin and to get plenty of rest.



    Tans look great when you’re young but too much sun exposure can lead to dry or wrinkled skin later on It may be tempting to stay out in the clubs all night and then chase the night’s indiscretions with coffee the following morning before work, but studies have proven that consistently getting less than six hours of sleep a night can reduce your life span.


    The productive ’30s are a time when most of us are establishing ourselves in our careers and possibly starting families. Stability and responsibility are important, but so is enjoying life. During this period, long workdays can be common, and the stresses of providing for a household can take their toll. During this phase, therefore, it’s important to take time out for rest and relaxation, whether it is a day at the park or a night curled up in front of a favorite movie. Stress is one of the top contributors to all illnesses across the board, so making sure to relax is a great way to stay well. It’s also a good idea to pamper yourself from time to time and sign yourself up for a facial or a massage. It will make you look and feel nice, and you deserve it for working so hard!


    The creative ’40s are a time when we have most likely established ourselves in our careers and may even be looking for a change of pace. There is generally greater financial stability, which gives us the freedom to experiment a little and to try wearing different hats. If you don’t yet have a hobby or a creative outlet, this is a wonderful time to 0708DEGROOT_FASHION.gifstart. Studies show that creative activities often contribute to a feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment. Getting regular exercise is also very important. It keeps weight down, the heart healthy and muscles toned. Being involved in the community through volunteering is also a great way to feel good about what you do and offers a different sort of satisfaction than workplace achievements.


    The fun ’50s and beyond are when life really begins to get interesting. After having made one’s niche professionally and having raised a family (if this was on the agenda), there is now less pressure to achieve and more time to experience. This is the time of one’s life when one really can inspire and be inspired and to begin doing all the things you wanted to but didn’t have time for before. It’s more important than ever to really enjoy what you do and to follow your interests and also more important than ever to guard your health. The ways to do this are no secret: wholesome food (including dietary supplements), regular exercise (that isn’t too hard on the joints) and lots of quality time with the people you care about. It’s also important to have regular checkups and health screenings to catch any potential problems early. Basically, this time in your life is for really enjoying the fruit of your labors and passing on your wisdom to others.


    Karen Kelly, a professional artist, is a vibrant person and a great example of how to live life to the fullest. At age 71, besides organizing three social (Meet-up) groups, two of them dining-based and one art-based, she owns Karen’s Studio, where she teaches adult beginners in all forms of art. Whether interested in painting, drawing, stencil art or clay-working, people can come in on Wednesday nights and learn how to create art in the medium of their choice.


    “Being creative continues to be my daily byline. At this point I’m striving to choose balance, avoid extremes, make healthy choices in all relationships, including food, family and friendship, and be creative in the fact that I’m trying to be more aware and make healthy choices,” Kelly says. “By being creative I grow.” She says the one thing she strives to do is to have acceptance for things as they happen. Her advice to looking and feeling good at any age: “Seek new ways of doing things. Every single day, look for that opportunity. Step beyond yourself all the time. Either you grow out or grow in.”


    At every age, life has many different adventures to offer, and maintaining a healthy balance is paramount to looking and feeling good. Whatever you do, and no matter your age, just make sure to take time out to enjoy the journey!


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