Hitting the Sweet Spot

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    Life wouldn’t be the same without sugar. An entire course at dinner would be taken away as an option. The traditional birthday cake wouldn’t be as sweet of a celebration. And our hometown wouldn’t have the opportunity to taste the creations found at Cincy Sweets.


    This locally owned and operated online bakery specializes in cheesecakes. And with its extensive menu and sizing chart, you’ll have a harder time making your decisions than if you were at The Cheesecake Factory itself.


    Cincy Chic caught up with Owner Liz Buschmeier to give you the 411 on how Cincy Sweets can serve you.


    Delicious Inspiration


    Among its offerings, Cincy Sweets offers a full menu of Cincinnati-inspired cheesecakes. "I always like going to restaurants when they are locally inspired, so it kind of gave me that idea," Buschmeier says.


    The Oakley Oreo (one of Buschmeier’s favorites) gives you Oreo chunks and crust with vanilla filling and a chocolate fudge topping. Other neighborhood-inspired cheesecakes include the Cheviot Caramel Apple, the Milford M&M and the Silverton Snicker.


    The new menu helps you find your allegiance with geographically separated sections in the Greater Cincinnati area. So, if you don’t want to expose your mouth to "the other side," just avoid those listings and choose from your own stomping grounds.


    Beyond the individual sections in town, some cheesecakes come from an overall inspiration from the city. Our mascot has the Flying Pigs Everywhere!, which actually features white chocolate flying pigs on a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.


    Cincy Sweets also has a seasonally inspired cheesecake of the month. November features the hottest trend in desserts — sweet potatoes. The Hot Potato, Sweet Potato! Cheesecake plays on the Southern sweet potato pie. 


    You also can draw your own inspiration to incorporate into your dessert with Cincy Sweets’ create-your-own option. "Just like pizza you can pick what you want. You can pick your crust, pick your fillings, pick your toppings," Buschmeier says.


    In addition to satisfying your sweet-tooth cravings, your custom order can meet your Photobucketdietary and lifestyle needs. Whether you would prefer a vegan, organic or gluten-free cake, Cincy Sweets works with you to make it happen. "So many people can’t eat certain things because of their diet, and if I can, I want to be able to offer that to them," Buschmeier says.


    The Size is Your Prize


    Whether you choose one of the cheesecakes from the menu or design your own, you have a bunch of different sizing options. Your purchase can range from bite-sized portions to full-fledged wedding cakes. You can buy round cheesecakes from 4 inches ($5) to 10 inches ($35), and you have the option of regular cheesecake cupcakes ($20 a dozen) or mini-cupcakes ($25 for 50).


      "I’ve done several weddings and they didn’t want to have a huge cheesecake. They wanted little cupcakes, and they wanted various sizes, so I offered that," Buschmeier says. "And I think they’re so cute, so I had to do them."


    Beyond the sizing options you might normally think of, Cincy Sweets also offers a unique option: cheesecake pops. "Cheesecake is a very serious dessert, and you eat it after a fine meal. It is a very good dessert, but I just wanted to make it more fun and more appealing because it’s so good that I think everyone should enjoy it," Buschmeier says.


    And to make the holiday orders even more enjoyable last year, Cincy Sweets included one of their cheesecake pops with every order. While plans aren’t solidified yet for this holiday season, Buschmeier plans to incorporate this same idea either with the cheesecake pops or something new. "I just like it to be fun and let people know that I really appreciate their business," she says.


    Making it Happen


    Because Cincy Sweets is an online shop, you can go to CincySweets.com to get started. You can read through the cheesecake descriptions and pricing options and either call (513) 633-4227 or submit your order online. Before processing online orders, Cincy Sweets will call you to confirm your order. And each purchase is created after it is ordered so that you will have a fresh dessert specially made for you.


    To make the deal even sweeter, Cincy Sweets offers free delivery. So whether you want an office-party dessert delivered right to the workplace or a birthday cake delivered right to the venue, Cincy Sweets can come to you.


    If you would like a taste of the goods, you also can get Cincy Sweets cheesecakes at a couple restaurants around town. Sticking with the Cincy inspiration, Buschmeier sells her desserts at the Skyline in Milford. The Main Street in Newtown also gives you the chance to add a sweet ending to your meal with a Cincy Sweets slice.



    Photographer: Neysa Ruhl
    Model: Liz Buschmeier
    Location: Cincy Chic office