Your Men-tality

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    It’s been said that men are simple creatures; they are driven by the need to achieve and the desire for gratification. Their emotional spectrums seem to range from happy to not happy, and many don’t possess more than a few words to describe the stages in between. They like gadgets and electronics, they can spout multitudes of facts about sports and cars, and they categorize movies without massive explosions as “chick flicks.”

    When writing for a women’s publication, the first inclination is to pen a piece that extols the many differences between the genders… usually in a way that celebrates our point of view and makes fun of men.

    For once, though, let’s take a few “typical” male characteristics and appreciate those things that make men the perfect complement to us women.


    Men should be credited for using logic to invent processes and create solutions that make life much more comfortable. From indoor plumbing to organ transplants, men’s application of logic to humanity’s problems throughout history have shaped our lives in many positive ways. Used improperly, however, logic can sometimes lead to poor decision-making. Surely it made sense to then-Cincinnati mayor Jerry Springer when he paid for a female escort with a personal check. What else do you do when you don’t have cash?


    This characteristic led men to set sail from repression to find freedom in new lands, and their beliefs in a government run by its people led to the foundation of our country. On a smaller scale, assertive men negotiate lower prices for a new car purchase and they are great at squeezing up to a crowded bar to order drinks.


    Since the beginning of time, men have used their brute physical strength to hunt for food and to construct shelter. Such tasks also built up inner strength, allowing men to face difficult conditions without falling apart emotionally. Today, the majority of American men who develop muscular bodies do so as a source of male pride rather than as a means for survival. Modern man faces different, yet equally stressful, life situations and must rely on his inner strength more than ever.


    If any attribute results in more jokes about men, it is the infamous male pride. He refuses to ask for directions, he won’t admit he’s wrong and he insists on wearing the same “lucky” shorts every time his favorite team plays. Pride, however, also inspires him to coach his son’s soccer team and to place his hand in the small of his wife’s back as they walk into a restaurant together.

    These characteristics are by no means exclusive to men, and each man possesses them in varying degrees. Traits like the above give us ample reasons to admire our fathers, brothers, boyfriends and husbands, and they should be remembered the next time we’re tempted to engage in male bashing. For all their frustrating quirks, men are truly the yang to the female yin, and the resulting duo is stronger for their differences. Let’s appreciate how our male co-workers, friends and family members add harmony to the melody of our lives!

    Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
    Models: Chris Saunders and Rosina Luca, stylist and marketing manager at Avalon Salon and Aesthetic Day Spa in Hyde Park.