Cincy Chic’s 2007 Gift Giving Guide

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    1. World-Class Fashion, Cincinnati Convenience

    A trip to L.A. to purchase Jessica Simpson's latest zebra print handbag not in the budget this year? No sweat. Liz Cook, owner of Mt. Adams-based Elizabeth's Closet, already made the trip for you. She shops around the world for the latest and greatest bags, baubles and bling, and makes it all available for you to drool over – and, of course, eventually purchase – in her space above Daveed’s Restaurant. As if she needed to sweeten the deal, she has special events called "Sips and Shopping" where she offers drink specials for her shoppers. Her next one will be on Thursday, December 6 from 6-9pm.

    2. For Those Keen on Green

    The Covington-based Cher-Chique Boutique + Beauty Bar offers beauty products from across the world that are not only exclusive to their newly opened boutique, but will support any "go-green" lifestyle.

    These certified organic products will help your recipient live their ethically "chique" lifestyle in luxury! Get started with Vada Pure & Natural skin, hair and body care products. Or give them NVEY ECO, a fabulous "everyday occasion" gift set including a bronzer, lip lustre, powder blush and a five-shade eye shadow palette. You will also find a unique selection of men and baby personal care products at Cher-Chique.

    3. Amuse Your Muse

    Goddesses, faeries, mermaids, Celtic myth, Arthurian legend, magical animals, seasonal celebration, folklore and fairy tales, green men, moon magic and tree wisdom… these mystical fascinations grace Carew Tower Place Mall-based Mightnight Muse's selection of art, books, jewelry, statuary, notecards and calendars.

    According to owner, Tess Avelland, her mystical shop also offers tarot and oracle decks, handcrafted stained glass panels and ornaments, velvet pouches, embroidered bags, candles and candleholders, incense, essential oils and Nature's Emporium luxury handmade soap. Tarot readings are also available in the store, for which you may purchase a gift certificate!

    4. Be a Secret Santa

    Using the Laws of Attraction and positive affirmations made popular in the best-selling book, The Secret, Troy, Ohio-based Jody England and business partner Kim Yardlay launched BuzZen, a company dedicated to inspiring women to intentionally create lives that are worthy of their true potential.

    If you know someone that lovesThe Secret and its principles, give them something that gives a new twist to an old love. Jody England, CEO and president of BuzZen, offers the following gift ideas:

    • Manifesting Bracelets They come in several different natural stone choices. Each stone has its own metaphysical meaning. "A great product because it is related to The Secret, which is big right now, and lots of people are into the Law of Attraction," says England.
    • BuzZ Builder CD This 16 minutes long CD is recommended for someone wanting to boost sales, foster a positive attitude or be more grateful for the little things in life. "This is a phenomenal guided visualization," says England.

    5. For the Busy Bee

    With all this "buzz" talk, we have a great gift for the busy bee on your list. Get a cute makeup bag (may we suggest Vera Bradley, if she's a collector), fill it with travel size concealer, mascara, powder, lip gloss, nail file, dental floss, breath mints, perfume samples and smudgees. Yes, smudgees, the self-proclaimed "original eye makeup smudge remover," which in plain terms, simplifies the daunting task of eliminating those annoying "raccoon eyes" and 5 o'clock mascara smudges. She can keep this bag in her car for on-the-go touch ups.

    6. Blending Fashion and Function

    While some family members are a pain in the neck, some of your loved ones may be suffering from pains in the neck, joints and even muscles. Katie Umberg, Wellness Consultant for Nikken, sells jewelry that blends function and fashion. "Each piece features Nikken’s patented TriPhase Technology, designed to give the body energy and allow it to perform at its optimal level," she says. "Magnets are used to replicate Earth’s natural magnetic field, Far-Infrared Technology reflects energy in far-infrared wavelengths to soothe sore muscles and tendons and relieve tension, and Negative-Ion Technology produces ions like those found in nature to improve mood, relaxation and well-being."

    They're not kidding about the fashion element either. Internationally-renowned Italian designer Antonio Rosso created the jewelry collection exclusively for Nikken that includes bracelets, necklaces and pendants. Each item is 24k gold plated, and the bracelets and pendants sparkle with Czech crystals.

    7. Handmade Jewelry

    Love to give handmade jewelry, but don't have the time? Go to Cooper Osborne, a college student in the fine arts program at DAAP who has been designing and creating for more than seven years and now sells creations to local salons, boutiques and online shoppers.

    Have a bling-lovin' babe on your list? You may want to go with another local jewelry designer that puts a little more shine in her design. The Tess Martin Collection makes Otazu pieces that are bound to attract attention, whether at a formal party or a casual lunch, with their Swarovski crystals.

    8. Spice Up the Relationship

    Add some sugar and spice because Pure Romance by Tisa has everything naughty and nice! Create some great gift packs; one naughty and one nice. Invest in your relationship with the Intimacy Kit, which is a unique collection of Pure Romance’s most popular products. Or just get a little "warmer" during these cold months with products such as the Hot Heart Massager, Burning Desire Massage Oil Candle and any of the Romance Bubble Baths. "However you decide to do it, that special person will definitely enjoy their gift," says Powell.

    9. Fit-ness to be Tied

    Have a fitness buff, or someone aspiring to be one, on your holiday gift list? Wrap up a gift certificate for Western Tennis & Fitness Club personal training sessions at any price point: $210.00 (6 sessions of 30 min), $360.00 (6 sessions of 60 min), $350.00 (10 sessions of 30 min) or $600.00 (10 sessions of 60min).

    Western Tennis & Fitness Club
    also offers gift certificates for a Fitness Membership (includes unlimited use of fitness center and fitness classes) for $37.00 a month, or a Tennis and Fitness Membership, which also includes a member tennis court rate, and that's $40 a month.


    10. Tell Your Man About This One

    Jayne Moening, VP of product development for The Assistant Product Group based here in Cincinnati, says they have a unique product called "The Decorating Assistant Organizer" for anyone who is decorating, remodeling or building a new space called home. "It's targeted towards women homeowners – since they make 80% of the buying decisions – designers, redesigners, stagers," says Moening. "And being the holiday season, it's a great gift for a man to purchase for their own decorating diva in their life."

    11. Mary Kay for Men?

    When you hear "Mary Kay" you might think of your mom's makeup bag, not your man's shave gel. But it's true, Mary Kay expanded her horizons according to sales director, Jane Henke. Give him something practical, but unique with the MK Men's Skin Care line, hair and body shampoo, aftershave balm or one of their four men's colognes. And, heck, Henke makes it easy saying there's free delivery and gift wrapping for any $40 or more purchase.


    12. Just Believe

    Have someone on your list with a strong faith? Make it even stronger with Believer Beads, a line of unique, faith-based jewelry gifts that are packaged and manufactured by disabled groups and facilities serving the disabled here in South Central Ohio.

    "When you give a Believer Beads bracelet, purse charm, biblemarker or zipper-pull, you are giving more than just a beautiful hand-assembled piece of jewelry," owner Kim Koss says. "You are also giving a gift of hope, a gift of faith and a gift of opportunity to a disabled individual."

    13. Give a Little Piece of Heaven

    Think of a candle-lit room. Now think of being massaged in that candle-lit room. Ahhhhh…oh yeah, back to the explanation, here. So, Heaven Essence combines the best of both worlds and makes "massage oil candles," which are soy candles augmented with natural oils. "They burn warm, not hot," says Colleen James, a Heaven Essence independent representative. "Just light the soy candle and let it burn until the oil is a luxurious, comfortably-warm liquid. Snuff out the flame and use the warm oil from your massage candle to pamper your partner." Give your partner a few massage candles this holiday and tell him it's going to be the gift that keeps on giving. We already see him worshiping you.

    14. Pretty Fun

    Uninspired by the cliché holiday gifts for Mom or your favorite co-worker? Invite your loved ones and friends to your home for holiday cheer and a Zoë Custom Cosmetics Palette Party. Adorable custom invitations are provided by Zoë Custom Cosmetics for you to send out to your guests. Palette Parties include one-on-one consultations with Jocelyn Sparks, a Hollywood trained Makeup Artist. (Editor's note: Sparks is also Cincy Chic's photo shoot makeup artist.) Sparks does awe-inspiring makeup applications and gives tutorials tailored to each person’s individual tastes and makeup concerns. Zoë Custom Cosmetics are demonstrated and available for purchase that night. Exceed expectations by giving each guest a Zoë Custom Cosmetics gift card to splurge on themselves.

    15. Twelve Days of Christmas

    Can't wait until Christmas to start giving gifts? Want to drop lots of little hints to your Secret Santa? Antoinette "Toni" Green, a BeautiControl Independent Consultant, has a great idea called the "12 Days of Christmas" for your loved one. For $99 (worth $177) you can give 12 daily gifts – such as candles, foot creme and a warming masque – for 12 days of pampering and thoughtful gift giving. "[This] is a great Christmas gift to show your loved one how special she is," says Green. "I'll do all the work and shopping for you [and] I’ll put personalized, ribbon-tied notes on each item."

    Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
    Location: Fischer Homes Lifestyle Design Center
    Model: Vicki Gianfagna