Home Dècor 101

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    Consider the good, the bad and the ugly when decorating. Brush up on your home decor IQ with a few tips.


    Erin Lombardi is a 13-year veteran in the interior design industry. Lombardi, currently an interior designer at Closson’s in Oakley, offers some dos and don’ts when decorating the home:


    1. Hire a professional interior designer: “Just picking someone’s brain for an hour or two is priceless,” Lombardi says.

    2. Consider measurements: It might seem obvious, but getting the measurements of a room is an important step. This way you can avoid ending up with furniture that is too big or too small, Lombardi says. Develop a floor plan as well before adding design elements.

    3. Lighten it up: If a room is too dark, sconces can absorb light bouncing off a wall. A floor lamp is another functional element, she says.

    4. Choose paint last: You should consider how the furniture and decor come together before choosing the color scheme. Allow enough time: “When renovating, plan twice as long as you think it will take,” Lombardi says. Don’t plan a party with a specific date in mind, or you might be spread too thin.