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    Just because the degrees Fahrenheit are in short supply doesn’t mean you can’t keep things hot this winter. You can sip your coffee and hot chocolate and bundle up with your sweaters and knit accessories, but you also can give yourself a little luxury as you stave off winter’s chills.


    Blazing B&B


    You might not have a Jacuzzi to give yourself a tub retreat, but Weller Haus has you covered. Nestled in the revitalized Bellevue, this bed and breakfast gives you a mini escape just minutes from Downtown.


    All but one of the guest rooms feature a Jacuzzi, so whether the snow is falling outside or not, you can create your own white winter with a hot bubble bath. And with three out of the four Weller Haus Jacuzzis being two-person tubs, you can heat things up romantically too.


    For an even cozier atmosphere, you can light up the fireplace. Each Jacuzzi tub has a fire place next to it, and Weller Haus makes things a little easier by using gel fuel. You don’t have to worry about bringing firewood or springing a gas leak, as you just light up a couple gel fuel canisters. "It is a real fire, obviously, so it looks like a real fire, it crackles like a real fireplace, it has crackling sounds, and it actually puts out a lot of heat," Weller Haus Owner Leanne Saylor says.


    Photobucket You even can stay warm with both your bed and breakfast. As the temperature drops in the night, you can stay snug with the heated mattress pad available in all rooms. And don’t worry if your man has a different temperature preference because the pad has dual controls.


    When you wake up in the morning and don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your sheets, you don’t have to. You can have your breakfast delivered right to you in some of the Weller Haus guest rooms.


    To learn more about this escape for all seasons, check out or call (859) 391-8315.


    Sizzling Studio


    Yoga is all the rage, and new studios are opening left and right. But one studio concept stands out from the crowd, especially with the cold weather. The concept? Moksha Hot Yoga.


    Both Moksha Yoga Cincinnati and Moksha Yoga Northern Kentucky specialize in hot yoga classes (though they offer average temperature classes too). To make the hot yoga magic, the studio heats the room to a steamy 105 degrees and ups the room’s humidity to 40 to 50 percent.


    Photobucket "The humidity is really important because the humidity is what makes your pores open up and what makes you sweat," Studio Owner Ellen Bradley says. And it’s that sweat that helps your body detoxify, she says.


    Beyond the detoxifying benefits, practicing hot yoga allows you to go deeper into your stretches. The heat warms up your muscles, which gives you the flexibility to do just that. And as moksha means "freedom," you have a little more range in the poses you can use to take advantage of that flexibility.


    To find out more about moksha yoga and the local practicing studios, head to or


    Toasty Treatment


    The heat and humidity help you detoxify in the hot yoga studio, and a spa can help you do just the same. While massage oils and hot stones can help make your next trip to the spa a warming experience, you also can literally wrap yourself up in warmth.


    The Woodhouse Day Spa Cincinnati offers three different body wrap treatments to help you rejuvenate as you escape the bitter cold outside. Their Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap exfoliates, relaxes and detoxifies. "Next, a warm, hydrating mask delivers essential nutrients, pure minerals, and moisturizing agents that nourish and remineralize the body," according to the treatment description.


    For a more targeted treatment, The Woodhouse offers a Seaweed Cellulite Wrap. Similar to the Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap, this treatment gives you the chance to release some of the toxins in your body, but it is applied only below the waistline. Beyond a toning wrap, a special massage helps get rid of some of your nasty cellulite troubles.


    A third body wrap has been keeping people warm for centuries. The Nirama, an ancient Chinese therapy, gives you another way to take advantage of essential oils and massage. "The ancient art of Gua Sha (pronounced gwa sa) is used to remove toxins from the skin, and stimulate circulation, which will ease minor aches and pains," according to the treatment description.


    For more information about these treatments, check out




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