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    Just like human beings, businesses need a support system. As individuals, we have specific people we go to for guidance, advice and just a listening ear to talk about ideas. As businesses, they have chambers for the same function.


    With several chambers in the Tri-State area, this article focuses on three main chambers that span Greater Cincinnati from Northern Kentucky to Northern Cincinnati. Each of these three offers unique benefits to its members, so we’ve taken the research work out a bit and given you a little overview.


    Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber


    As the nation’s fifth largest chamber of commerce, the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber has almost 6,000 members. And no matter what the size of the company, the Cincinnati Chamber works to expand business, strengthen professional ties and increase the companies’ profits.


    One of the main member benefits is the vast number of programs available at your fingertips. Whether large or small, businesses easily can find a program fit for them and their needs with the program "Navigating Your Chamber," which helps new members acclimate, or through the new Program Pathfinder.


    This new program helps match your needs with a program via important information. You can let the Program Pathfinder know a little about you and what you want to learn from a program, and it will do the legwork for you to find programs tailored to your individual business needs. 2011 Gold Members even get a free ticket to each program with a $100 or less price tag.


    Beyond events to attend, the Cincinnati Chamber listens to its members and their growing needs and helps implement ways to satisfy those needs. One example is the electricity savings program for members. The chamber pooled interested members together to get a better rate on their monthly electric bill. So the Cincinnati Chamber really gets creative in how it helps members in all aspects of business.


    For more information about the Cincinnati Chamber, you can check out


    West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance


    Similar to the Cincinnati Chamber, the West Chester – Liberty Chamber Alliance offers a variety of programs geared toward every aspect of business. Beyond the monthly networking power hours, luncheons and "Business After Hours" events, the West Chester Chamber offers a "Java with Joe" event every Friday.


    From 9 a.m. to noon, West Chester Chamber members have a change to sit down with President Joe Hinson to spend some one-on-one time getting to know him and taking advantage of his own network. "He’ll make the connection for you, give ideas of ways you can be involved in the community, so it’s really more about the business than it is about the chamber," Marketing Director Alison Miuccio.


      In addition to individual programs, the West Chester Chamber offers a prime location between Cincinnati and Dayton. This location helps member businesses expand their customer reach. "We have members from Northern Kentucky all the way up to Dayton that see the benefits," Miuccio says.


      So whether you live in the West Chester/Liberty area, you still can reap benefits from this chamber in addition to other chamber memberships. "This is a direct quote from my boss, Joe: ‘If you’ve seen one chamber, you’ve seen one chamber.’ All chambers are different," Miuccio says. "We always recommend that people look at all different chambers just to get an idea of how they are all different." 0110Fence_INSTORY.gif


    For more information about the West Chester Chamber, visit


    Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce


    On the opposite side of the city, the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce takes advantage of the multi-state area. This nationally ranked Five Star Accredited Chamber, like the other chambers, offers programs geared toward both large and small businesses.


    From start-up resources to human resource groups that cover employment issues, the NKY Chamber provides a range of opportunities. But beyond the traditional networking possibilities, the NKY Chamber has a unique focus on international trade. "We manage and house the Northern Kentucky International Trade Association inside the Chamber," NKY Chamber President Steve Stevens says. "That is an organization that is about 400 members, and that group is basically there to enhance economic opportunity for members who are currently involved or want to become involved in international trade activity."


    To complement the international trade effort, the NKY Chamber started sponsoring international business trips. The first two trips were to China and Italy, and a third is in the works, with the destination up to chamber members.


    On a smaller scale, the NKY Chamber helps create business referral networks. Each network has between 15 and 30 members, and participating members "exchange qualified business referrals to each other," Stevens says. "It’s a really active group. To be a part of it you have to commit to doing that activity, and they report really great success in terms of expanding their market reach and building their network."


    For more information about the NKY Chamber, check out




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