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A Style Breeze

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    A local blogger who wants to look luxurious without the designer price tag is sharing tips on her blog, A Style Breeze. Read on to see how she’s inspiring readers to get out of their comfort zone and affordably try new fashion trends.


    Alli Robben, Founder of A Style Breeze

    Alli Robben grew up as a rather shy and conservative person. But she noticed a change within herself when she was confident and comfortable in what she was wearing.

    “I wanted to share this feeling of confidence and expression of self with other people,” says Robben.

    To share her confidence and self-expression she launched the blog A Style Breeze, an edgy and minimalist fashion blog meant to inspire and encourage people to get out of their comfort zone and try out new fashion trends.


    On her blog Robben says she mixes affordable clothing brands with luxury accessories, which she’s showcasing with her most recent blog posts about her favorite fall trends for 2017.

    “Fall is my favorite time of year, so I always have a blast creating content during this time of year,” she says.

    And it’s Robben’s personal style in fashion that helps set her and her blog apart from other bloggers in the city.

    “My personal style will always make A Style Breeze unique because no one else will have that,” she says.

    When it comes to running her blog, she says that what she enjoys the most is being a fashion influencer in a city that isn’t so fashion-forward yet.

    “I used to feel self-conscious when people would stare at me for what I was wearing but now I full on embrace it because I like to think I am being an inspiration above all else,” she says. “On top of that, I’ve always had a heart for helping other people and my fashion blog has allowed me to combine that passion with my gift of style.”

    Robben currently runs the blog on her own, but hopes to continue expanding and collaborating with different photographers in the industry and even hire an intern in the future.

    Robben says she’s always working on something new, either for herself or for the blog. “A few months ago I launched my own jewelry collection with RachelKeppelerDesigns, so it’s been cool to see the success of that,” she says.

    At the moment, Robben is in the beginning stages of planning her first collaboration with a local Cincinnati hotel, Hotel Covington.

    To learn more about A Style Breeze, shop Robben’s looks, and read her blog posts, visit www.astylebreeze.com. You can find daily inspiration on her Instagram page or get to know her personally on her YouTube channel.