A Woman You Should Know

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    The best business decision that Alison Miuccio says she has ever made has become wonderfully personal. As the marketing director for the West Chester-Liberty Chamber Alliance, Miuccio has a unique position. She handles public relations and marketing for the chamber and the businesses of its members. "One thing I really love to do is meet with members one-on-one and give them suggestions for their businesses’ marketing," she says.


    But that’s not all of her job – not even close – she is also involved with several business publications related to the chamber’s work. She’s the editor of the chamber’s monthly 090511feature2.jpgnewsmagazine, The Voice, associate editor of Connections magazine and the webmaster for the chamber.


    As much as she loves the work she does for the chamber, Miuccio says her favorite part of coming to work each day is the people. "It is probably the most wonderful, professional, fabulous group of people," she says. "We all have very strong personalities, yet we truly are a team. Everybody has their opinions – we listen to everbody, and we’re not about status quo."


    The fact that the West Chester-Liberty Chamber Alliance is open to changes to benefit its more than 800 member businesses is one of the reasons why it’s so highly regarded, Miuccio says. But that’s part of the beauty of the chamber alliance system – they’re all unique. "My boss has a saying: ‘If you see one chamber, you’ve seen one chamber.’ We’re all so different," she says.


    It’s fitting, then, that Miuccio herself has a unique background to be working for the chamber. Before Elizabeth-InStory.gifcoming to work at the chamber, she spent most of her career in radio and television as a part of the entertainment industry. Becoming the marketing director for the Chamber Alliance signified her first foray into the business world, she says. "I love being able to promote anything," Miuccio says. "I’ve worked in basically everything – for-profit and non-profit. Most of the things I’ve done have been entertainment-based, and I wanted to switch it up with business."


    Although not working directly in the entertainment marketing industry anymore, Miuccio works to engage communities outside of the chamber through a multitude of events put on by or sponsored by the Chamber Alliance. "We try to bring different programs," she says. "We also do Meet the Candidates Night, which is free for the community. We spread our wings – we don’t just look inside the chamber but also outside the chamber."


    It is this variety in the kind of work she does – combined with the atmosphere her coworkers at the chamber create – that make her job so rewarding, Miuccio says. "You walk into our office, and you can just feel the warmth," she says. "It’s a great place to work, a great place to join. Anybody that works there would tell you the same thing. You never know what each day’s going to hold as you walk in each morning."