An Artsy New Addition to the Tri-State

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    It was more than just a passion for art that inspired Robin Ewers to open Dogwood Art Studio. She wanted to offer a place for people to go and be creative, whether it’s for one-on-one lessons or a fun night out with friends.


    “The arts are something that the younger generations are seeing less of, whether it be the schools cutting funding for the art programs or not having anywhere to turn when they want to express their creativity,” Ewers says. “I’m making it my mission to keep it alive and in the spotlight.”


    If you’re wondering “Why Dogwood?” Ewers says there was a dogwood tree in her front yard while growing up. No matter what event it was, a picture was always taken in front of the tree. So, it came to symbolize a beautiful constant in her life, no matter how much change was in the air. “Now I carry on the meaning of that tree for you – to remain a constant place to go to create, be inspired and keep the gift of art alive in you,” Ewers explains.


    A visit to Dogwood Art Studio may be just the outlet you need when you want to create and keep that gift of art alive. Located inside Brazee Street Studios, Ewers chose this space because she wanted to be a part of a community of other artists.


    Ewers says Dogwood Art Studio is all about art instruction and education to help students grow their skills and knowledge of art. “Whether it be watercolors, charcoal drawings or oil paintings, we aim to turn a hobby into a passion, a doodle into a masterpiece or a curiosity into a skill,” she adds.


    You can even enjoy a “wine and paint” night out with friends. These parties are a little different from others offered in Cincinnati, Ewers explains. Since the studio can only fit 10 people at a time, you’re really only painting with the people that you know. “It’s a laid back, cozy studio that caters to more of a private party setting,” she says.


    If you’re interested in learning how to draw or paint or even if you’re already an experienced artist, consider taking a one-on-one lesson at Dogwood Art Studio. Ewers says the one-on-one lessons are good for people who may not be very interested in learning in a group setting. Since not everyone learns the same way, Ewers wants to offer these lessons for those who want to come in and receive dedicated instruction from her while also learning a new skill.


    Ewers will soon roll out a small, simple curriculum for those who want to learn the basics of drawing or painting, just need some pointers or just a refresher course on a certain medium. She’ll also be instructing lessons on watercolors, acrylics and oil paints along with graphite and charcoal drawings.


    If you prefer to learn with others, Ewers says the group drawing and painting lessons are for you. Available for those of all skill levels, these classes are pretty much the same as the one-on-one lessons but for a group instead. Ewers explains that the group sessions are good for students who are unable to get the art instruction they want somewhere else, so Dogwood Art Studio is a place for them to come together and learn the same things.


    After she was able to help her nephews earn their artist badge for their Boy Scout troops last year, she fell in love with the fact that she can introduce children to art at such a young age. She’ll eventually offer group sessions for boy and girl scouts to earn the artist badge while giving parents piece of mind that their instruction is coming from a trained artist.


    “And then, if your child had fun learning about art and being hands on with paints, bring them back for some of the fun Saturday art and crafts classes I’m going to announce soon,” Ewers says.


    There’s even open studio time for those who just need a place to create. This is a time when you can come to Dogwood Art Studio to make art and get creative without being a part of a lesson curriculum. You’re welcome to bring your own materials and projects with you or start from scratch using materials from Dogwood Art Studio.


    “You’re able to sit back, relax and draw, doodle or create a masterpiece in my studio,” Ewers explains. “You may not have the place to work on projects at home or maybe you just feel better knowing that in case you need help with something.” Either way, Ewers will be there to answer any questions; she wants you to feel welcome coming into the studio and challenging you to find your inner artist.


    Look for big things at Dogwood Art Studio in the coming months. Ewers is getting married in September but says she plans to start teaching more watercolor painting courses, drawing classes and more since Dogwood Art Studio is still new and gaining a lot of interest for its “wine and painting” parties.


    You can learn more about Dogwood Art Studio and the variety of classes offered by visiting the studio’s Facebook Page or Website.