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    From Peru to the Queen City, a local lady was inspired by a sense of adventure and the unknown when she launched her own leather-carved brand. Read on to see where you can shop locally to find her products and to hear about the apparel she’ll launch soon.

    Denisse Zavala-Rosales was inspired to launch her business Antlers & Leathers from her love for adventure.


    For some, the unknown sets off a feeling of uneasiness. For Denisse Zavala-Rosales, it inspires. It was a sense of adventure, the unknown, the gypsy, the wild, wanderlust, the overall rugged beauty of nature, the lost, living authentic and true to yourself that inspired her to launch Antlers & Leathers.

    Zavala-Rosales is the Western and Boho-obsessed Peruvian behind Antlers & Leathers, which she says is more than just a brand but a way of life that sells eclectic leather pieces full of style and individuality. “The main focus of my brand is ‘tooling’ leather, which actually means carving leather and the main goal is creating pieces of wearable art that are as unique as the people who will be carrying them,” says Zavala-Rosales.

    When it came to launching her own business, Zavala-Rosales wanted to show off her love for leather in a business name that expresses uniqueness, reinvention, and beauty. “Antlers are unique to each animal, though they grow in symmetrical pairs,” she explains. “They shed and regrow each year, and I just think they are beautiful and give animals such characters.”

    This one-woman show is run by Zavala-Rosales and officially launched on June 4, 2017, while she was still working a full-time job at a publishing company. However, as of mid-November, she quit her 9-5 and began dedicated her life to her dreams and is now running Antlers & Leathers as her full-time venture.

    When you shop Antlers & Leathers, you’ll find that all of the products are leather goods and include vintage cuffs, carved cuffs, clutches, crossbodies, dog bandanas, purses, bags, and so much more.

    Price points vary depending on the product you purchase. Zavala-Rosales says that vintage metal hand stamped cuffs run from $40-$50, carved cuffs are $60-$70, clutches run $150-$390, and bags run from $280 and up.

    The quality of the product is certainly reflected in the price. Zavala-Rosales says that it is all 110% handmade. “I design, cut, sew, too, paint, dye, combine different types of leather, and style it all one at a time, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece that will be truly one of a kind and unique,” she adds. “If you are looking for that heirloom-quality piece that will set you apart from the crowd, Antlers & Leathers is for you. You won’t find that at your local mall.”

    While she prides herself on the handcrafted bags, cuffs, and other unique pieces, Zavala-Rosales says she’s also working on bringing apparel to the brand, too.

    You can shop Antlers & Leathers’ newly launched website, or you can visit BlumeHome Shop in Lebanon and soon find the brand’s carved dog bandanas on display for made-to-order at Earthwise Pet at Harper’s Point.

    To learn more about Antlers & Leathers, visit You can also follow along on Instagram and “like” their Facebook page.