Beyond the Couch

Beyond the Couch

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    Learn more about a life-changing experience that’s helping women who feel stuck get back to their striving and thriving selves!

    Heidi Day, founder of Beyond Couch Therapy

    While there’s a growing awareness around mental health and seeking therapy, it’s not always easy to fit into a demanding schedule.

    Heidi Day is out to change that. She founded Beyond Couch Therapy, a business that aims to help high-achieving business women who have hit a plateau and want to thrive in their everyday life.

    “Beyond Couch Therapy is an experience designed for you, the high-achieving business woman who has fueled your success trying to outperform your pain,” says Day. “Hard and soft science comes together to create an informative and heart-awakening voyage to the place that your soul has been longing for.”

    The professionals that work with Beyond Couch Therapy include: Dr. Tyna Moore, Dr. Brad Bootstaylor, Dr. Laara Van Bryce, Tracy Nicole, Andromeda Raheem, Kathleen Adams, Beatrice Dixon, Sean Smith, Aprille Franks, Nicole Montez, Talya Lutzker, Malaine Schmid, Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte, Laya Raznick, Kelly Blaser, Jay Fiset, Jess Geist, Brigit Viksnins, Eva Charlotte, Josie NaiKoi, and Jackie Kotei.

    Each of these doctors offer alternative healing therapies to different life situations. Whether it’s chronic health conditions, mental illness, fertility, depression, anxiety, or many other health issues, the Beyond Couch Therapy experts offer advice through the free online series, which you access on her site.

    “During these segments, you will learn how to address your imposter syndrome that has emerged from your wounded little girl, so that you can finally feel as good as you look,” says Day.

    Day says that while “fake it ‘til you make it” is a common phrase, it doesn’t always work. “Walking through the gutter with stilettos and a smile won’t change anything, but really addressing your problems is possible, and you don’t have to do it alone,” she says. “This is so much more than an event, it’s a movement to take back our lives, get unstuck, and thrive. Healing will give you much greater success.”

    To learn more about Beyond Couch Therapy, visit You can also join the Facebook group.

    “The Facebook group is the hangout spot for burnt out business women that are ready to heal and thrive,” adds Day. “Check in with us every day for juicy tidbits and tools that will support small changes with maximum impact in your life and business.”