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Bold Visions Consulting

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    A local woman is turning her traumatic experience into a new consulting business that offers a safe place for other survivors who need a place to start the healing process. Read on for all the inspiring details.

    Terri Bolds, Founder of Bold Visions Consulting

    We all have visions of what we want our future to look like. Who we hope to be, what we hope to be doing, and goals we hope to accomplish.

    For Terri Bolds, her vision brought to reality is Bold Visions Consulting. “Bold Visions Consulting is you, it’s me, it’s everyone,” she says. “It’s a catalyst for learning, encouraging, and empowering. It is a place for everyone to have the opportunity to grow in knowledge and love.”

    Bolds has had her fair share of trauma, challenges with self-esteem, low self-worth, and no sense of purpose. But she was able to turn that around with Bold Visions Consulting, and what she says is her responsibility to the university.

    “If it were not for the village that surrounded me, I don’t know where I would be,” she says. “I believe that my experiences paved the way for what I believe to be my life’s purpose.”

    Bold Visions Consulting aims to teach and bring self-love to the surface of those who struggle to believe it exists.

    While Bolds is the founder of Bold Visions Consulting, she also credits her experiences and her mother, friends, teachers, and family as strong influences behind her business.

    “The one main motivating force behind Bold Visions Consulting is my uncle,” she says. “He himself has authored several books and is a guru in economic empowerment and business ownership. He has been a powerful male force in my life. For years he has been telling me that I need to use my degrees for more than what I was subjecting myself to.”

    In retrospect, she says, he believed in her and her abilities long before she believed in herself. He’s walked her through every step of the process of starting the business from naming it to creating a mission.

    “And thus Bold Visions Consulting was born,” says Bolds, although the business didn’t officially launch until November 2015. Unfortunately, Bolds’ uncle was diagnosed with ALS in 2013 and has served as a scary, but urgent situation for her.

    Bolds and her support team at Bold Visions Consulting.

    “Life waits for no one,” she says. “And being that he is a father figure and has invested so much in me, I owe it to him that he witness my success.”

    Behind the scenes, Bolds says that her mother volunteers with Bold Visions frequently, her aunt does a lot of the marketing work, and there are many friends who run her website and volunteer.

    “Donors have been huge in our success,” she says. “Donors help sponsor attendees to our workshops. People have been so generous and I am so grateful. And, most importantly, the people that have believed in my ability and trusted me with their projects and children.”

    Bolds began pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Advanced Studies in Human Behavior from Capella University. Today, she also holds a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wright State University. Bolds says that the path that took her to becoming a licensed therapist started with a village.

    “I was raised by a village,” she says. “My mother was the best mother she could be. It took me years to realize that but the best gift she gave me other than life was the freedom to do so many things and to interact with so many people to help fill voids that she may not have been able to fill.”

    Bolds credits those people and experiences for shaping her into the person she’s become. She recalls feeling lost as a young person, always searching for something more. “Love, mentorship, benevolence, time, and push saved me,” she says.

    Through Bold Visions Consulting, Bolds offers one-on-one as well as workshop and group style services. “So far we have had two successful workshops for young ladies and my hope is to find my own comfy space where I can be more available to those young ladies,” she says. “We have also been hired to teach other workshops around Cincinnati and Dayton, and we’d like to target other demographics as well.”

    Bolds has published a book using her professional experience, “Bold Love: A Letter to My Young Sisters,” a self-esteem book for black teen girls and women. She also creates custom, positive image shirts, custom coffee mugs, and Bold Life Quotes.

    Throughout the year, Bolds says she will spend time fundraising and extending herself to many demographics inside and outside the city.

    You can find Bold Visions Consulting in two area Kroger Locations for Black History Month. Bolds says it is a huge platform with which she will spread the word about Bold Visions Consulting. She will be at Oakley Kroger February 11 and at the North College Hill Kroger on February 24. You can find the team at the stores with shirts, books, mugs, and information about the services offered by Bold Visions Consulting.

    To learn more about Bold Visions Consulting, visit The website is updated with new events as they come up, and you can learn about future events and news on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.