Boutique Cala

Boutique Cala

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    A local mom decided to launch her own boutique, but it wasn't without the help of a few guardian angels. Click here to read more about the inspiring story behind it all.

    Boutique Cala focuses on home decor and women’s fashion in its OTR location.

    Amanda Miller is all about happiness. Whether it’s creating happiness, sharing it with others, or being happy in her everyday life, happiness is the goal. And happiness is why she created Boutique Cala, a home decor and clothing store bringing happiness to its customers.

    The idea behind Boutique Cala started back in December 2020, the week before Christmas, when she participated as a pop-up shop in what would become her current location.

    “We signed our lease in February 2021 and began transitioning the shop into our permanent location,” she says. “We remained opened to shoppers while we remodeled the store ourselves during the downtime.”

    When a customer walks through the door at Boutique Cala, Miller wants them to shop and smile. 

    The macrame sold in the store is handcrafted by Miller herself, who learned the art of the craft while she was a stay-at-hoe mom to her son with special needs.

    “Three years ago, I started selling my art at local markets on the weekends,” she says. “My goal was to one day open a boutique in Over-the-Rhine, so when the opportunity arose in December 2020, I knew I had to take it on, despite the pandemic.” 

    That’s when she asked another mom and clothing vendor she’d met at Art on Vine, Aleasha, to partner with her on the business concept, leading to the launch of Boutique Cala.

    When you shop Boutique Cala, you’ll find modern macrame decor and accessories such as plant hangers, light fixtures, wall hangings, handbags, and earrings. The women’s fashion line in the store includes Paige Denim and LAmade. 

    “We also carry a variety of Nordic-style home decor lines with items ranging from planters and vases to pillows and tabletop decor,” adds Miller. 

    When you shop Boutique Cala, Miller wants to offer customers the opportunity to shop handmade and meet the maker of it. In the store you’ll also find products made by other artists, who Miller sources directly from the make themselves. “I do my best to learn about their stories and inform the customers of the maker behind the product,” she adds. 
    And, while you’re admiring the renovation of the shop itself, Miller proudly stands behind the renovations she did herself. “I built and installed everything in the store,” she adds. 
    Miller is proud of all that she’s accomplished thus far with Boutique Cala, but knows that she wouldn’t have found inspiration without a little help. 
    “If it wasn’t for Children’s Hospital and what they’ve done for son, I wouldn’t have been able to take on opening a shop yet,” she explains. :He has autism and was visually impaired from a rare eye disease. In August 2020, he was hospitalized for almost 2 weeks for angle closure glaucoma. He had emergency surgery to relieve the pressure. The ophthalmologist who performed that surgery suggested possibly correcting his vision with additional surgeries. It wasn’t going to be a simple eye surgery and it was mostly theoretical, but this was everything I wanted for Camden so in September they started with the right eye, October he had surgery on the left eye, November he went back for another surgery, and by December he was seeing in focus for the first time!”
    Since then, she says, her son has had a few more procedures, and although he has a long road ahead, his life as dramatically changed. “He’s become more independent, his communication has improved and things that once frightened him into a panic, now make him smile and laugh. I can even safely walk with him down Vine Street, something I could have never done before,” she says. “I’m extremely thankful for Dr. Young, Camden’s ophthalmologist, and to 3CDC for the opportunity. They’re what made Boutique Cala possible.”
    Boutique Cala is located at 1321 Vine Street in Cincinnati, right across the street from The Mercer and next to GO(O)D. They are hosting a grand opening event scheduled for June 19. And when the pandemic subsides, she says they plan on hosting DIY workshops. 
    You can learn more about Boutique Cala on Facebook and Instagram.