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Brilliant Balance

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    Professional fulfillment, personal wellness, and engaged motherhood. Is it possible to have it all? One local lady says it is and launched a program that shows you the way. Read on to learn more.

    Life is all about balance, and Cherylanne Skolnicki is here to help. She’s the mastermind behind Brilliant Balance, a personal development platform designed to help professional women go after their dreams while balancing their personal and professional lives.

    “The women we serve get from where they are today to where they want to be by leveraging our proven process, being mentored by experienced coaches, and connecting with an extraordinary community of like-minded women,” says Skolnicki. “Over the course of as little as three months, they reclaim control over their time, improve their mindset, and make shifts that change the trajectory of their lives.”

    Skolnicki says she was inspired to launch Brilliant Balance because of the cultural narrative that women can’t have it all. “We think we’re supposed to sacrifice our own dreams for a while in order to be good mothers, but we find that the ‘it is what it is’ message doesn’t honor the potential we have to contribute in a multifaceted way,” she explains. “We believe it is in fact possible to be healthy and vibrant, to have a thriving career, and to be a great mother. Settling for anything less is just that, settling. And it doesn’t feel very good when we realize that’s what we’re doing,” she adds. “Instead, when we choose the most important elements from all aspects of our lives, and breathe fire into those, we can have lives that feel exactly right for us – lives that make us feel positively brilliant.”

    Brilliant Balance is comprised of a team of women helping other women balance their work and personal lives.

    Skolnicki’s mission to help women live brilliant lives is rooted in plenty of experience professionally and personally. She is the mother of three children and spent 15 years at Procter & Gamble before leaving to launch her own business.

    What makes the services from Brilliant Balance stand out from other personal development platforms is that it treats women as multidimensional people. “We’re committed to addressing women who have goals that span all facets of life and more, whether it’s health or career or relationships or time management,” she says. “Being able to do that requires a customized approach, with a healthy dose of 1:1 support, and that’s something we’re passionately committed to.”

    The clientele that Brilliant Balance works with are high-achieving women, those who dominate in their careers and personal lives but may have veered off course without really knowing why.

    “We show them how to reclaim rock star status so they can feel like themselves again,” says Skolnicki. “Our content is a great starting point, but our coaching programs are where the magic really happens. Breakthrough, our signature program is a game changer for women who want to get control over their calendars and connect with their purpose so they can contribute to their highest potential.”

    Along with the coaching model of Brilliance Balance, there’s also a podcast to supplement the work it offers women. “The Brilliant Balance podcast launched in October 2017 to talk about balance, business, and getting it all done gracefully,” says Skolnicki. “Topics address the ‘Modern Mom Trifecta’ of professional fulfillment, personal wellness, and engaged motherhood.”

    Skolnicki says that one comment she often hears is that the podcast gives people words to describe issues or challenges they have been experiencing but didn’t know how to talk about. “Through the podcast they realize we get it, they’re not alone, and that there are actions they can take to move their lives forward,” she adds.

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