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Burlap & Birch

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    The team of fabulous fashionistas behind Rose and Remington are now ready to redecorate your home. Learn about their newly-opened Fields Ertel shop filled with eclectic  home goods at affordable prices.


    Burlap and Birch is a home store launched by the ladies behind Rose & Remington.

    Rose and Remington is a well-known Cincinnati fashion boutique with locations throughout the Tri-State, but did you know the team behind it all also runs an eclectic home store, too?

    Burlap and Birch is a sister store to Rose and Remington that opened their doors in June 2017 that features an eclectic collection of home goods. This fast-growing store is just two doors down from the Fields Ertel Rose and Remington location.

    “We aspire to give our customers an affordable option to create a home environment that centers on faith, family, and functionality,” says the store’s marketing specialist Ashley Dennis.

    With the success of their multiple Rose and Remington clothing stores across the Tri-State, the owners decided to venture into the home goods world to help customers make their homes feel polished, warm, and sophisticated, without the high price tag.

    “What makes Burlap and Birch unique and successful is our ability to provide the average American family with the tools they need to bring the beautiful aesthetics into their own spaces, like the ones admired on HGTV and Pinterest,” says Dennis.

    At Burlap and Birch, you’ll find that the store is full of inventory that ranges from the hottest trending home decor products, such as chandeliers and custom-designed furniture to clocks and other quality home necessities.

    You’ll also find a variety of products that are local and American-made. “Beyond our custom furniture and larger pieces, we also carry wooden wall signs, cozy blankets, candles, lanterns, coffee, organic food options, greenery, and so much more,” adds Dennis.

    Perhaps the best part about shopping at Burlap and Birch, aside from their quality selection, are the price tags. Dennis says that comparable product lines can be found at Burlap and Birch that are found in larger home and department stores like Pottery Barn or Magnolia Home, however, Burlap and Birch sells them for a fraction of the price.

    Looking at goals for the new year, Dennis says Burlap and Birch will soon open another location in Lebanon in February as well as other locations throughout Greater Cincinnati in the near future.

    To learn more about Burlap and Birch, visit www.myburlapandbirch.com or stop by the store at 9281 Governors Way in Cincinnati. You can also follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where you can check out “How-To” tutorials for developing warm and inviting spaces, see new arrivals, and find ways to save even more money when it comes to decorating your home.