Carnivore’s Lust Dust

Carnivore’s Lust Dust

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    Want to add some spice to your holiday dinner? Read on to learn about a renowned local chef who recently retired from restaurant life to pursue his passions and launch a new seasoning line that will leave you lusting for more!


    Carnivore’s Lust Dust is a unique blend of spices created by local chef Jimmy Gibson.

    Jimmy Gibson arrived in Cincinnati in 1989. He came to open the restaurant at The Phoenix and fell in love with the city. After venturing around the country working in the restaurant industry, he wanted to make his mark in Cincinnati.

    In the 29 years since he came to the Queen City, Gibson has been involved in more than a dozen restaurants, including Jeff Ruby’s where he served as corporate chef. He made his way to his namesake Jimmy G.’s, but recently left there in May 2016 to pursue his passions.

    Jimmy Gibson, the founder of Carnivore’s Lust Dust

    Then he connected with friend and fellow restaurateur Sung Jun Oh, someone Gibson had previously helped design a restaurant for and even helped rebuild his bar.

    Gibson’s passion then transferred into woodworking. While he loved the restaurant business, he says he loved the work he was doing on the restaurants themselves.

    However, he couldn’t stay away from the food industry for long. Gibson, alongside Tom Carroll, launched Carnivore’s Lust Dust.

    “Carnivore’s Lust Dust is a handcrafted blend of the finest raw spices,” says Gibson. “This unique blend will enhance the natural flavors of your finest meats instead of masking what mother nature provides.”

    Gibson says that he gives his all in everything he does, including Carnivore’s Lust Dust. “My passion for food, fun, relationships, and attention to detail shines through everything and everybody I cross,” he says.

    “Tom has an extensive career in the fields of restaurant, bistro, deli, catering, menu design, telecommunications sales, and marketing, but has always been driven by gathering people and offering them the best when it comes to food,” says Gibson. “With that in mind, we became fast friends and had the same vision for his legendary ‘dust,’ market and distribute it to discerning and loyal ‘friends’ of ours.”

    Lust Dust can be used as a seasoning or rub and is sold not only on the online shop, but can also be purchased at Emmett Ridge Farm or Arteflame.

    To learn more about Carnivore’s Lust Dust, visit You can also follow along on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook. You can contact Carnivore’s Lust Dust at 513-910-9090 or email