Carrying on a Legacy

Carrying on a Legacy

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    Faced with a terminal diagnosis, Nancy Dawson went on a search for a new owner of her beloved business. See how the perfect fit was found in a dear friend and how she plans to carry on a lasting legacy. Click here to read more.


    Nancy Dawson has always loved making people feel like the most beautiful versions of themselves. That’s why she launched BRIDEface in 2005 and developed it into an award-winning, professional, and personal team of wedding makeup and hair stylists.

    When she created the concept, Dawson wanted to provide brides with an all-inclusive makeup experience that made it easy to look and feel beautiful on their big day. Services for that special day include consultation, makeup trials, hair services, and on-site offerings. Additionally, BRIDEface also offers a makeup line, called FACEing, and makeup coaching. 

    Unfortunately, Dawson has been battling an aggressive form of breast cancer for the past year, seeking treatment from experts nationwide. Sadly, Dawson was recently told that the diagnosis was terminal, so she began the search for a new owner of BRIDEface. 

    As she discussed this search with a dear friend, Julie Niesen, it suddenly became crystal clear to them both that she was the perfect fit.

    As a blogger and marketing specialist, many may not have have thought Niesen would want to carry this torch, but she’s no stranger to the makeup industry. 

    “I’ve always been a makeup enthusiast, from the first time I played with my mom’s Estee Lauder and my ballet makeup as a kid, to theatre makeup in later years,” says Julie. “In college, I spent time as a makeup artist, which is how I met Nancy. We met when we both worked at Saks Fifth Avenue, and later worked together on shoots with a local modeling agency. I stopped working in the industry, but I never lost my love for makeup.”

    Now that she’s the owner of BRIDEface, Niesen says she’s excited to carry on Nancy’s legacy. “She has spent her entire career making Cincinnatians look and feel their best – including me, for Cincy Chic,” says Niesen. “She has been a friend to me, and to many others, and has always had the biggest heart and cared so much about her work, and people. I hope I can continue, and even build upon, her work with BRIDEface, FACEing, and the other projects I have in store.”

    As Niesen continues to build on to what is BRIDEface, Niesen is also being challenged in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

    “My artists and our clients are my first priority,” explains Niesen. “As of right now, salons are closed by the State. We are not a salon, but we are holding ourselves to the same standard. I am working with clients to reschedule their appointments for a later date. Everyone has been truly wonderful. This is unprecedented for all of us, and we can only get through it by working together.”

    Niesen says that those who are interested in booking future appointments with BRIDEface can do so at “We’ll also be hosting Facebook Live demos for some of our products,” she adds. “Topics that will be included will be teaching Nancy’s signature tite-lining and showing off a few of BRIDEface’s amazing FACEing lipglosses, all of which are for sale. Inventory is available for purchase through the website so customers can get a taste of BRIDEface without leaving quarantine.”

    To learn more about BRIDEface, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.