Cincinnati Art Underground

Cincinnati Art Underground

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    A new art gallery in Cincinnati is shining the spotlight on local artists, hosting shows and helping to put the Cincinnati art scene on the map. Read on for more on Cincinnati Art Underground, the local lady behind it and where she’ll be this Friday with an artsy pop-up shop.

    Cincinnati Art Underground is a local gallery that offers artists from around Ohio and other parts of the country to showcase their work while helping to advance the art scene in Cincinnati.
    Cincinnati Art Underground is a local gallery that offers artists from around Ohio and other parts of the country to showcase their work while helping to advance the art scene in Cincinnati.

    Cincinnati is home base for many talented artists, but there aren’t many spots they can turn to if they want to showcase their work. To help them see and be seen, Rachael Moore was inspired to open Cincinnati Art Underground.

    “Conversations with a few artists sparked the idea to start pop-up shows in fresh locations downtown,” explains Moore. “The artists would have new places to show their work and people in Cincinnati would have a fun, new way to meet artists and buy art.”

    Cincinnati Art Underground is a contemporary art gallery featuring works by some of Ohio’s most talented artists. Moore says it’s a fun place to learn about serious art.

    “We have glamorous art openings and artists visiting to talk about their work and creative inspirations,” says Moore. “We’ve hosted private parties for small groups and can set up studio visits so people can see how artists create. Our gallery is a place where people who love art and creativity can connect with artists and find something gorgeous for their home.”

    Moore launched the gallery but has has a team of people helping her. Her first team included Britt Elam, a graphic designer who graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati; a young artist and entrepreneur who has since moved to New York City; and artist Andrey Kozakov as Creative Director.

    Today, her current team consists of Taylor Rousseau who serves as Assistant Director, Gallery Assistant Eva Patterson, a costume design major at the University of Cincinnati and Mary Beth Brackmann, an Art Academy of Cincinnati graduate who does Cincinnati Art Underground’s graphic design.

    Moore herself is originally from Connecticut and holds a law degree from Hofstra University in New York. “For years, I lived in New York City and London,” she says. “I jumped into the art world in Cincinnati when I joined Tatiana Berman at her Constella Festival and eventually started working with visual artists through the Festival. The depth of cultural appreciation and love for the arts runs deep here – it’s been an exciting journey!”

    Cincinnati Art Underground opened in March with a pop-up show in Over-the-Rhine. “It was so much fun – we featured four artists and had a great turnout,” says Moore. “The clients loved it and we sold a number of artworks: fragile, abstract porcelains by Kara Sheldon; edgy paintings by Spencer van der Zee, a street artist who sometimes uses spray paint on his canvases; and stunning landscape photographs by Viktor Posnov. Everyone went home happy!”

    Moore says that she looks all over to find artists to showcase their work in the gallery. “I pore through images online, visit art fairs and galleries and take referrals from friends,” she says.

    There was an artists from Toronto who recently reached out and she says they’re currently working on a show with him in the future. “Our focus has been Ohio-area artists, but we’ll also be looking further afield to bring new works to Cincinnati,” she says.

    Another fun way to see what’s new in the art world, Moore says, is scouring Instagram as it also gives her ideas of artistics directions they can take at the gallery. She adds that she’s looking for artists whose work has an open appeal. “If people respond to something that they can like or understand, and they get to meet the artist and learn about the philosophy and work behind a painting or sculpture, it completely transforms their view of what they like and what they know about art,” says Moore. “Once you’ve experienced the thrill of buying modern, cutting-edge art and begun to understand why other people love it, it’s hard to go back to the safe choices that you knew before!”

    Artworks that sell at the gallery sell between a range of prices. A classic, porcelain object by ceramicist Kara Sheldon will sell for $35 while Cadence, a large-scale painting by Katie St. Clair will sell for $8,500. Moore says Cincinnati Art Underground will always carry works that begin at accessible prices as they want everyone to own something beautiful and experience the thrill of purchasing something as luxurious as a work of art.

    Moore says that she enjoys everything about being at Cincinnati Art Underground. “I love meeting the artists and discovering new art that I can show to Cincinnati,” she says. “[And] I really enjoy helping clients find something special, and transforming their ideas about what they like and what they know about art.”

    Moore says that there are a ton of ideas and plans on the horizon for Cincinnati Art Underground. “Our cool website by Envoi Design is about to relaunch, and within the next year will be set up to allow people to purchase art directly online,” she says.

    Cincinnati Art Underground is now offering a concierge art service. “We can visit your home and make suggestions for artwork to make your space pop, or search for a special piece through our artists and contacts,” adds Moore.

    She says that Cincinnati Art Underground is making connections with other art galleries with ideas for joint shows and on behalf of the artists.

    “As we grow, our artists will grow, and for clients who like the investment potential of art, their works will rise in value as our artists gain fame and new opportunities,” she says. “We’re also getting ready to jump into the art fair scene – there are going to be some great opportunities to show people in Los Angeles and Miami what Cincinnati artists can do.”

    Moore says you can check out the next Cincinnati Art Underground event on Feb. 11 when Jacci Delaney stops by to talk about her bubble-wrap glassworks. “It’s our cozy tie-in to Valentine’s Day,” she says. “Everyone should bring a date or a friend, have a glass of one and buy one of Jacci’s stunning sculptures” You can purchase tickets for the event here.

    Learn more about Cincinnati Art Underground by clicking here. There you can find an overview of the gallery and information on upcoming events. They’ll also be at Cincy Chic’s “New Year, New You” event this Friday, Jan. 22. To purchase tickets for the event, click here. Cincinnati Art Underground’s Facebook page also has the latest information on art openings and artist talks.

    Cincinnati Art Underground is located at 1415 Main Street in Over-the-Rhine.