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    Inspired to make Cincinnatians healthier in a motivating new way, two college roommates and business partners recently launched a health and wellness focused, event-hosting, people-connecting blog. Read on to learn more about how they’re bringing people together and making them healthier!


    Meriden Peters and Molly McCafferty, Founders of CincyStateofBeing, a hub for all things health in Cincinnati.

    Meriden Peters and Molly McCafferty are college besties and business partners who love three things: health, events, and Cincinnati. So they put their heads together and launched CincyStateofBeing, a hub for all things health in the Queen City.

    “We launched our site the last week of November 2017,” says McCafferty. “Our mission is to amplify the local health and wellness scene through sharing information on events, influencers, places, and trends in the Queen City. Our ultimate goal is to help Cincinnatians, including ourselves, be and feel healthier.”

    The duo says they believe in progress, not perfect, and are firm believers in following exercise with a glass of red wine.

    Peters says that she loves people, big change, sarcasm and kombucha. “My education is in psychology, public health, and positive psychology,” she adds. “My philosophy on health is that it is personal and comprised of spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional components.”

    As for McCafferty, she finds that she’s always optimistic about everything, defines herself as a go-getter, and is addicted to music. “My education is in marketing and American literature,” she says. “As a sales professional, exercise is the one hour of the day that I give to myself. It is so much more than fitting into skinny jeans – it’s my therapy session. It’s a time to totally zone out in a dark cycling room and let the music clear my head, or to be one with the mat and my thoughts in a vinyasa yoga class.”

    McCafferty and Peters say they were inspired to launch CincyStateofBeing when they noticed that friends and coworkers were always asking them where to find free yoga, or the best barre studio, where to take a spinning class, and what healthy, local restaurants were around.

    “One day, over wine, we thought, there should be a website for this,” says McCafferty. “We hatched up this plan over a year ago and started an email chain where we could exchange ideas back and forth. I moved back from Chicago in October and we put our plan into action.”

    Now, CincyStateofBeing shares information through blog posts, an online calendar, a weekly newsletter, Instagram, and Facebook.

    “The calendar is a great resource for those looking to try something new, or catch a free or discounted class,” says McCafferty. “Our Instagram is a great follow because we’re constantly doing giveaways and discounts.”

    The two add that they’re inspired by more than just health when it comes to CincyStateofBeing, they’re also inspired by community and personal stories. “In the past two months since launching CincyStateofBeing, we’ve interviewed close to 40 motivating, behavior changing, trendsetting, awe-inspiring, local health and wellness influencers,” says Peters. “We’ve met barre instructors, chefs, yogis, nutritionists, store owners, personal trainers, restaurant owners, and more.”

    They said the one thing that they hear from each person they talk to is that they, too, are driven by community, whether it’s through their clients, students, colleagues, or the four walls of their storefronts.

    “Many individuals we’ve interviewed thus far also expressed a desire for an even larger health and wellness community, to connect with those they haven’t met yet that share the same passion–increasing the health of Cincinnatians, adds McCafferty. We feel the same, and that is what we’re doing. Our goal beyond acting as a resource is to connect and create community.”

    Those who visit the CincyStateofBeing site will find that they cover everything and anything related to health in Cincinnati. They cover events, people that have anything to do with health and wellness, places such as studios, farm-to-table restaurants, and juicers, and trends and topics like turmeric lattes, charcoal toothpaste, and mental health trends.

    “We are the one-stop for information on health and wellness in Cincinnati,” adds Peters.

    Being that one-stop for health and wellness in the Queen City is also what makes CincyStateofBeing unique, because they encompass all things health rather than just exercise or health eating or mental health.

    McCafferty says she and Peters are looking forward to delivering on their 2018 promise this year, which is to connect people in Cincinnati. They want to connect those who are focused on living their best life, those who want to be more involved in the community, and those who are ultimately driving the health and wellness scene in Cincinnati.

    “We are going to be hosting monthly events to connect people to one another and rally together to support our overall mission, which is to make the Cincinnati population healthier,” says McCafferty.

    To learn more about CincyStateofBeing, check out their blog posts, the online calendar, sign up for their weekly newsletter, follow along on Instagram, or give them a “like” on Facebook.