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Cook Inspired

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    Want to up your cooking skills or introduce your little ones to your love of cooking? Check out these inspiring classes that encourage even the littlest of chefs to be hands-on in the kitchen.

    Whether you have a little one who’s interested in cooking and being in the kitchen, or you want to learn how to up your cooking skills, Cook Inspired is here to help. 

    “Cook Inspired offers cooking classes for kids ages 8 and up, teens, and aspiring cooks of all ages,” says Cook Inspired Founder Kim Tepe. 

    Classes from Cook Inspired focus on practical, basic concepts and techniques, rather than just following recipes. 

    “This allows students to easily go home and use what they’ve learned,” says Tepe. “We cook with whole food ingredients, a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and very minimal sugar to create meals that are beautiful, healthy, and delicious.”

    Tepe finds joy in cooking and sharing wholesome meals, and find that it’s become a lost art in the new normal of busy schedules and lifestyles that seem to surround fast food and other convenience foods that can lead to health issues. 

    “Learning to cook efficiently and creatively can transform cooking from a chore to an enjoyable and relaxing activity, making it easier to create and enjoy healthy meals,” says Tepe. “And for kids and adults alike, it’s a good, clean fun – mixed with a little science, a little math, a little art, lots of teamwork, and no screen time.”

    All of the fun found in the classes at Cook Inspired are due to the hands-on activities that end with a meal. “My goal is to inspire new cooks of all ages – and with that, make the world a little bit healthier and a happier place,” she says. 

    The Kids Cooking Series for Cook Inspired is for kids ages 8 to 10 and is a set of four 1.5 hour classes. There kids will learn safety rules, knife rules, and how to work in the kitchen. They’ll learn how to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals over the four weeks of the class. 

    The Beginner Cooking Series is for older kids ages 11 and up, consisting of five 2-hour classes and covers a wider range of basic cooking concepts and techniques. The class begins with safety, knife skills, and prep/organization. Each week also has a meal theme, such as Mexican Fiesta, while learning to work with proteins, fruits and veggies, pasta, and grains using techniques such as sauteing, roasting, steaming, and boiling. 

    There are also two new classes offered by Cook Inspired – High School/College Holiday Bootcamp and Adult Beginner Cooking School. 

    “High School/College Holiday Bootcamp is a set of three 2.5-hour classes over holiday break when older kids might have some free time to learn to cook so they can eat healthier and save money,” explains Tepe. “Adult Beginner Cooking School focuses on even more techniques for adults who want to start cooking more confidently, efficiently, and creatively.”

    Students who take classes with Cook Inspired are given copies of each recipe they make and includes ideas for using the recipe as a template to create new dishes of their own.

    Upon completion of Tepe’s Cook Inspired classes, she hopes her students, no matter their age, leave with the ability to use practical skills, simple ingredients, custom tea towels, and basic equipment to eat better and healthier every day.  

    Cook Inspired classes are held at Tepe’s Terrace Park home. In the future, she says she’d like to take the adult cooking school, or a version of it, on the road to better reach young adults who have limited free time but would like to learn to cook so they can eat healthier and save money.

    “They can ultimately build on these skills to be creative and have fun in the kitchen,” she says.

    Tepe is taking a break from offering classes during the month of December, but she is working on the curriculum and recipes for intermediate level classes for kids or adults who want to continue beyond the beginner level of cooking.

    To learn more about Cook Inspired, visit them on Facebook. There you can find full class descriptions and menus and see photos of the aspiring chefs in past and current classes. You can also contact Tepe through her page or at to schedule a class.