Crazy Grateful

Crazy Grateful

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    Ready to feel more gratitude and bring more goodness your way in the new decade? We chat with a local lady who launched a free resource to help you feel like — and be — a better you.

    Life is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s what Crazy Grateful is here for. Monica Scalf, founder of The Work Well Group, wanted to offer free resources and learning opportunities designed to help people live a life with less stress and more joy. 

    “At you can subscribe to receive my weekly email called 3 Good Things, where I share a short, encouraging note plus three things that make life brighter and more joyful,” explains Scalf. “These include fun products, podcasts, shows, recipes, books, and more.”

    Crazy Grateful isn’t just a weekly email series, it’s also the home of a project called Journey to the Brightside, which will begin in January 2020. 

    Here, Scalf will lead the community in tackling one topic a month that can move the needle on living a life that lights you up. 

    “On the first of each month, subscribers will receive an email with links to an essay from myself, along with downloadable tools and strategies that address the topic of the month,” says Scalf. “Support for the topic will continue throughout the month in the weekly newsletter and on the Crazy Grateful Facebook and Instagram pages.”

    With the arrival of the New Year comes the first three months of Crazy Grateful, including:

    The lineup for the first three months is as follows: 

    • January: Less Stress/More Peace
    • February: Less Negativity/More Joy
    • March: Less Self-Doubt, More Confidence

    Scalf says that she was inspired to launch something like Crazy Grateful because she herself identifies as a recovering stress-a-holic and worry wart. 

    Monica Scalf, Founder of Crazy Grateful

    “After 10 years of trying various methods to alleviate an overactive stress and worry response, I realized that only through the right mix of daily practices and mindset shifts was I able to minimize the effect of stress in my life,” she says. “I want to encourage others who are also prone to stress and worry to take action to keep those negative emotions in check. By sharing my personal journey with targeted information from the reading, research, and tools I have tried, I hope to be a useful resource in a world with skyrocketing stress levels.

    Scalf says that what makes Crazy Grateful so important for the community is that it focuses on the topic of minimizing stress and increasing joy from a day-to-day perspective. 

    “Many times there are small adjustments that can be made that can add up to a big bump in positivity and joy in your day,” she says. “People discount these small changes. Crazy Grateful reminds people of the power they have to refocus and reclaim a life that maximizes joy even in the face of stress and busyness, even when they only have small pockets of time to commit to making positive changes.”

    To sign up to join the community of Crazy Grateful, you can visit Once signed up you will start receiving 3 Good Things each Saturday morning via email, as well as the Journey to the Brightside beginning January 1.