Dinner to Doorbells

Dinner to Doorbells

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    How do you balance work, putting healthy food on the table, and spending quality time with your family? One local lady is making that possible with a meal prep delivery services that brings hot meals straight to your doorstep. Keep reading for the tasty details!


    Dinner to Doorbells is a locally-based meal prep service that brings ready-to-eat meals to your door.

    With all that’s on your plate as a busy woman, it’s difficult to keep healthy, homemade meals on that plate, too.

    Beth Russell, an engineer and mother of a 10-month-old, tried out the big-box meal prep kits to help make her evening routine a little easier with family. But she found she was mostly disappointed.

    “I felt as though I was paying a company to do my grocery shopping, but I still had to do all the work, and had little time to spend with my baby after getting dinner on the table,” she explains.

    As someone who enjoys cooking, but enjoys spending time with family more, Russell knew that she couldn’t be the only mom who was running into dinnertime issues, so she decided to create a solution: Dinner to Doorbells.

    Dinner to Doorbells is a meal delivery service that specializes in no-prep or minimal prep meals.

    “There’s no chopping, dicing, searing, or sautéing,” she says. “These dinners are fully made and ready to heat and eat!”

    Russell says that Dinner to Doorbells started out as just a concept, which she then tried out with a few clients. After that, it soon took off after spreading by word of mouth. And, eventually, Russell was able to focus on Dinner to Doorbells full time.

    You can find a little bit of everything at Dinner to Doorbells. “Our meals have a broad range of influences,” she says. “We have options from Italian to Tex-Mex, from Asian to American.”

    There’s also a variety of gluten free and vegetarian options for customers as well. “We try to put a healthy spin on our menu options,” adds Russell. “You often will find Greek yogurt subbed in for mayonnaise and sour cream, and we try to pack veggies in our dishes as much as possible.”

    The menu at Dinner to Doorbells allows families to choose their meals each week from a list of 7-10 options, most of which can be customized. Russell says that those who are interested in seeing sample menu items as well as the current menu can visit the Dinner to Doorbells website<dinnertodoorbells.com>.

    Russell says the most popular meals that clients order Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Zucchini Enchiladas (or any type of enchilada), Quiches, BBQ Pulled Pork, and different varieties of tacos with homemade salsas.

    For a 2-person family to eat Dinner to Doorbells three times a week, the cost is $50. For a 4-person family, 3 times a week, it is $75. You can also get customized pricing for other serving sizes as well – ordering up to 5 meals per week, for as many people as you’d like. The cost includes delivery within the 275 loop.

    With their dinner delivery service, Russell says she believes that she is helping to fill a void in the meal prep market. “Most meal prep services don’t actually do the cooking for you,” she says. “On the other hand, it is a healthy alternative to the preservative and calorie-packed freezer aisle. With the free delivery and being competitively priced with big box meal prep services, it really is a value that can’t be beat.”

    Russell says that in the three months since Dinner to Doorbells launched, they’ve grown to over 60 clients. “We are focusing on growing your client base and some different strategies around delivery,” says Russell. “We love to chat with our clients about what they are looking for and heard a lot of feedback about ‘grab and go’ options for last-minute dinner pickups, and that may be something we expand to.”

    To learn more about Dinner to Doorbells, visit dinnertodoorbells.com. You can also subscribe to the mailing list on the website and place an order online. Russell says you can follow along on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the weekly menus and see pictures of meals.