Effloresce Coaching 

Effloresce Coaching 

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    The journey to motherhood is full of twists and turns. Read how one local transformative life coach is helping you stay true to yourself along the way.

    If you’re a mother or have given birth to a child, then you know the transformation you undergo during this journey to motherhood.

    Mindy Schlechter knows this journey, too, and her awareness of the need for integrative services for women during and after childbirth inspired her to launch Effloresce Coaching. 

    “Effloresce Coaching offers heart-led, empowered coaching to women who are learning to hold the same nourishing space for themselves that they provide for others,” she explains. “I understand that pregnancy, birth, and early mothering years are deeply transformative experiences, which often shift a woman’s identity and create a need for self-discovery and soul growth.” 

    That is why she draws on her own experiences and expertise to co-create and collaborate with clients to establish an atmosphere in which they feel “held” while navigating their personal rebirthing within the “Mothering” stage of life. 

    “Women who are drawn to this unique style of coaching are often seeking a deeper relationship to their own intuitive wisdom, increased alignment of their values, and purposeful work, and exploring outdated mindsets and lifestyle choices, which might be holding them back,” says Schlechter. “Effloresce offers women the opportunity to access their own innate wisdom and use it to restore balance, confidence, strength, happiness, and purpose in their lives.” 

    Schlechter has a background in health and wellness, and is a certified Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, and hypnotherapist, and holds a specialized designation for Prenatal Youth within Yoga Alliance’s teaching credentialing program.

    There are a variety of coaching services available from Effloresce Coaching. 

    “Effloresce offers individualized, 1:1 coaching services, both in-person and remotely,” says Schlechter. “Clients are initially offered the space to tell their story and discover what it’s like to expand and take up space for themselves as they discover the changes they want to make (something I describe as a ‘Soul Holding’ session on my list of offerings). They learn to identify areas of their life which are inviting change (i.e., connecting body and mind, lifestyle choices, partnerships, habits, disconnection from intuition, boundaries, cultivating a meditation or mindfulness practice within motherhood, or understanding self-care priorities), and begin to build a toolbox of resources and strategies to grow these areas.” 

    Mindy Schlechter, Founder of Effloresce Coaching

    There’s also the signature Effloresce Journey, as it’s named on my website, which is a collaborative approach that teaches women to break through their limitations to uncover direction and clarity for that “what’s next” question within their feminine journey. 

    “I intuitively draw from my expertise in understanding how women’s minds work and apply techniques such as NLP, hypnosis and mindfulness to help my clients achieve a higher quality of aligned living over several months of working together,” says Schlechter. “Client goals are specific and individualized, but my clients express having an increased experience of confidence, strength, relaxation, balance, happiness, embodiment, and purpose.” 

    Those who are interested in Effloresce Coaching can utilize her complimentary Alignment session, where you can decide whether transformational coaching is right for you. Additionally, Schlechter offers workshops and presentations on mindfulness in mothering and beyond. 

    Schlechter says that what makes Effloresce Coaching unique is its integrated approach with clients, Schlechter’s background in understanding women’s thoughts, emotions, and their lived experiences and challenges, and the way in which she is able to apply her knowledge and techniques.

    “My method is an integrative approach woven from cognitive techniques, hypnosis, mindfulness, somatic movement/yoga, and a holistic focus on empowering women to lead a more intuitive and mindful lifestyle,” she adds.

    Effloresce Coaching will be expanding its horizons in 2021. According to Schlechter, Effloresce Coaching is partnering with local businesses to bring upcoming workshops, speaking engagements, and more. 

    “A group coaching environment is being planned for spring and I am completing my Ayurvedic Health Coach coursework this year with Katie Silcox of Shakti School, a feminine form ayurvedic medicine expert,” she says. 

    Schlechter says she will continue to offer prenatal yoga through Embra and is hoping to roll out a Yoga for Fertility class this year. 

    To learn more, visit www.effloresce.net. You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook. To contact Schlechter directly, send her an email at mindy@effloresce.net.  

    Expectant mamas are invited to join her on their yoga mats any given Sunday from 10-11:15 a.m. at Embra Studios. “I thoroughly enjoy introducing women to the powerful effects of yoga through pregnancy and beyond,” she adds.