Emerald Sparks

Emerald Sparks

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    Now that tax day is behind us, we chat with a local money maven who helps clients - especially women - live a financially healthier life through budgeting, financial planning and credit restoration. Read on to see how she turns money misconceptions into peace of mind.

    Emerald Sparks (Photo: Aaron Paschal; Makeup: Tori Monique’)


    Money makes the world go ‘round, but for many, money management is not a strong suit.


    While it comes easy to Emerald Sparks — a locally-based financial planner, speaker and author — she believes money management can be learned and wants to give everyone a chance to understand how money works.


    “I want to help people stop making money mistakes that they didn’t even know they were making,” she says. “I have always loved money and don’t think it’s something we should have to struggle with in our day to day lives.”


    Sparks is the founder of Emerald Sparks LTD, a personal and business finance consulting firm helping individuals solve their misconceptions about money for their peace of mind.


    “We specialize in helping women solopreneurs in the service-based industry pay themselves a salary, manage their cash flow, and maximize their profits through strategic tax and bookkeeping strategies.”


    Sparks also aims to help people make better financial decisions that allow them to live a financially healthier life through budget and financial planning and credit restoration.


    Those who want to better their financial situation can turn to Sparks for personal financial coaching, taxes, bookkeeping, payroll, financial statement creation, credit repair, budgeting, and debt repayment plans.


    Sparks says her business is unique because she isn’t like most accountants. “I make the topic of money very approachable and fun,” she says. “You will never catch me in a suit.”


    There’s a lot on the horizon for Sparks, including a book about her life. She is also planning to launch a new company, although she says, that’s all she can share for now.


    You can learn more about Sparks and her business, or join her mailing list on her website. You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.