Engineering New Entrepreneurs

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    Brian Urlage and his father have always shared a dream of being able to drive and buy any vehicle they wanted.


    “Both of us enjoyed driving things for short periods of time and then move on to something else,” says Urlage. “I grew up watching him change cars all the time and buy, sell and trade them.”


    He even started doing that himself with bicycles as early as age 9. He later started doing the same with mopeds before stepping up to vehicles. After the duo experienced success restoring cars, they opened a small used car lot in 2000.


    “We operated it part-time in the evenings and on the weekends after our full-time jobs,” he explains. “In 2003, we had seen constant growth and decided to make a run for it.”


    That’s when Urlage quit his full-time job and put everything into the car lot. In 2006, the process of waiting to get cars repaired and cleaned up for sale was taking too long. So, they opened their own total auto service company, and called it Source 1 Automotive. The company handles everything automotive, from simple oil changes and detailing to major engine and transmission repairs.


    Urlage has experience running a dealership service department and did so successfully for seven years. Since he opened Source 1 Automotive with his father, the original one-lift operation in a small garage has grown to more than 20 lifts and four locations.


    Today, Source 1 Automotive is a multi-million dollar operation and born out of a concept that dates back three generations. Urlage says he’s structuring the business to continue for many more generations to come.


    Urlage says his greatest motivation to grow Source 1 Automotive is his daughter, Olivia. “I try to make sure she’s as involved as she can be when it comes to the family business,” he explains. “As she’s gotten older, she’s been able to watch the company grow and has really taken on the entrepreneurial spirit.” In fact, he says, she’s now selling bracelets and rings that she and her friends make.

    Brian Urlage, founder of Source 1 Automotive,
    and his daughter, Olivia

    “I’m super proud of her for even showing that aspect of herself,” he says. “It gives me hope that I have passed down my drive to her and I look forward to helping her and assisting in building whatever business she wants to go after in the future.”


    As for Urlage and his team at Source 1 Automotive, his recently expanded his business to Newport, which rounds out his Tri-State coverage with his other locations in Goshen, Maineville and Morrow. “If you have a need for a vehicle, we do it,” says Urlage. “From oil changes, brakes, major engine and transmission repair, electrical, tune ups and maintenance, customizing, wheels and performance, we do it all.”


    Urlage says his prices are competitive with national chains — such as oil change and tire rotation for $24.95, break specials as low as $69 and air conditioning services for as low as $79.95 — but his customer service is what sets him apart from competition. “Word of mouth is truly what I rely on,” he explains. “It’s what I have relied on in the past, and will continue to do. We strive to treat everyone with 100 percent positive customer service and respect.”


    Urlage says he plans on expanding Source 1 Automotive into the Tri-State market with several more locations and additional employees at all of their current locations. “We love putting people to work,” he adds.


    Be sure to check out Source 1 Automotive at Cincy Chic’s Red, Pink and Blue fashion show on the Purple People Bridge June 27 for bottled water before, during and after the festivities!


    To learn more about Source 1 Automotive, visit their website at You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updated information about specials, news and events.