Fitness for All

Fitness for All

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    A recently opened fitness studio located in Covington is perfect for seasoned fitness go-getters and newbies alike. See how they live up to the name “Fitness for All” with group classes that offer a truly personalized approach.

    Nicole Leisen is the founder behind Nicole Leisen PT & Fitness, a personal training and group fitness studio located in the heart of Covington.

    After years of offering in-home personal training, Leisen decided it was time to broaden her horizons and help even more people reach their fitness goals but offering group classes.

    “I know what a huge role a proper and functional fitness routine can play in bettering daily life activities, quality of life, and mental health, and I want to share that,” she says. “In addition to providing more options and convenience for my clients, I wanted to join a community and Covington is the perfect place to be.”

    The training and classes offered by Nicole Leisen PT & Fitness focus on functional training moves that utilize TRX, kettlebells, and pilates. She also has two instructors, Andi and Ashley, to help lead group classes at the studio.

    When you take classes from Nicole Leisen PT & Fitness,  you’ll find that they are exercises and movements you do in your day-to-day life, and they offer results.

    “The main tool we use for personal training and group fitness is TRX suspension training, because it works,” says Leisen. “Over the past 7-plus years as a personal trainer, I’ve seen it play a key role in so many peoples’ fitness journeys. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build lean muscle, run without injury, increase your PR, lower your golf handicap, etc. with consistency, it will help you get there.”

    Leisen emphasizes that TRX training is so important to what she has to offer because it’s a “one-stop-shop” workout. It focuses on the entire body for core work, mobility and flexibility training, and cardio – all in a 50-minute session. Plus, there are enough exercises and formats behind it that the workouts don’t get stagnant.

    Leisen says that at her studio she likes to focus on individuals rather than numbers.

    “The classes are small enough you get individualized attention as a personal training session,” she explains. “This also allows me to monitor the whole room thoroughly to make sure everyone has the correct form to avoid injury and give more individual encouragement to push more or back off, so each member is getting the best results for them.”

    Leisen strives to give each group fitness class a personalized feel for its participants as well as the support and encouragement of other members.

    “Everyone is welcome here,” she adds. “A huge plus of TRX is that most everyone can do it. You are in control of how challenging each exercise is, so this allows someone who has been coming to class for years or a newbie to participate in the same class, while getting the appropriate amount of challenge and modifications needed.”

    Leisen says she just opened the studio in November 2018 and is focused on growing as a small business, improving peoples’ quality of life, and becoming a bigger part of the Covington community.

    Nicole Leisen PT & Fitness is located to 118 W. Pike Street on the second floor in Covington. To learn more, visit here. You can also send an email, follow along on Instagram, or call 513-328-4110.