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    Freebie Finding Mom is a blog that empowers Family CFOs to make smart money decisions by providing them with helpful money-saving advice and DIY tips and tricks.


    The blog was launched in 2010 by a busy mom with a passion was freebies. But life got in the way, so she handed it off to Kelli Bhattacharjee, who helped the Freebie Finding Mom blog realize its full potential. Bhattacharjee became the owner of Freebie Finding Mom in 2012 and has been helping the blog grow by adding new features and more savvy money-saving content ever since.


    “The initial concept behind Freebie Finding Mom was to provide legitimate freebies to readers,” Bhattacharjee explains, “but when I took the blog over, I greatly expanded the content to include coupons, deals, DIY ideas and money saving and management advice.”


    Because Bhattacharjee has a background in the financial services industry, she’s able to leverage the knowledge she already has with the content she puts up on the blog. She can provide readers with the information the need to know when it comes to college savings plans, how to invest in mutual funds and budgeting tips. All of this helps makes Freebie Finding Mom the ultimate source for moms (and dads!) who want to make the best decisions possible with their income and save as much money as they can.


    There are a number of topics that Bhattacharjee covers on Freebie Finding Mom, including ways for families to save money by offering coupons, sharing the latest online deals, DIY tips and tricks, recipes and freebies (of course!).


    Bhattacharjee has focused on growth for the blog over the last two years and the hard work is paying off. In fact, Bhattacharjee says, when she took over, the site had approximately 28,000 page views per month, and now they get more than 250,000 page views each month.


    What she loves the most about blogging is that she gets to pursue her passion of helping other people better manage their money and fulfill her most important job of being a mom to her 2 1/2-year-old son. “Though blogging can be incredibly consuming, the flexibility allows me plenty of time to goof around with my little guy,” she says.


    Bhattacharjee’s favorite posts include:
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    Bhattacharjee says there’s always something new over at Freebie Finding Mom. “Everyday you’ll find some awesome new content,” she says. “Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy recipe for the family, printable budgeting worksheets to organize your finances or just want to grab a new freebie because you love getting free stuff in the mail, you’ll find that and more on Freebie Finding Mom.”


    She says that she’s especially excited about a new series they’re running for the holidays. It’s called 12 days of DIY Gifts in a Jar, and will include fun do-it-yourself gift ideas in Mason jars. “They’re brilliant ways to give a fun and frugal gifts,” Bhattacharjee says.


    There are plenty of sites where you can check out Freebie Finding Mom in addition to the website, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.