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    Cincy Chic’s third-annual Women’s Health Expo is coming up May 17. So, to gear up for all the fit festivities, we’re highlighting five businesses you’ll find at the event. Learn a little about these businesses (we’ll have more than 40 at the event!), what makes them unique, and how they can help you make 2014 your healthiest year yet!


    Dr. G’s Weight Loss and Wellness of Newport
    Are you interested in losing weight and getting healthy? If so, Dr. G’s Weight Loss and Wellness of Newport may be able to help.


    This individualized medical weight loss center specializes in personal and physician-supervised services. “We work with everyone where they are and believe that one size does not fit all,” explains Wellness Coach Kathleen O’Neil, who manages the Newport location.


    Dr. Charles Goldsmith founded the business concept more than 19 years ago. The Dr. G’s franchise originated in Florida and now has stores across the country and world, including the Newport store, which services the Tri-State area.


    “He ran a successful practice but noticed his clients constantly requesting assistance with weight loss,” says O’Neil. “After countless hours of research and studying the numerous aspects of losing weight, Dr. Goldsmith determined that weight loss is very complex and needed to be supervised by a physician.”


    That’s when he developed a program consisting of a four-print approach: Appetite, Metabolism, Diet and Health. According to O’Neil, this approach along with a combination of herbal compounds and prescription medication helped his clients lose weight and keep it off.


    When you visit the Dr. G’s Weight Loss and Wellness booth at the Women’s Health Expo, you can enter a raffle to win free Vitamin B-12 shots. O’Neil says there will be more information about the program as well as samples of the Dr. G’s Protein Bars and Shakes. “We also have a great software program that can show people what they will look like at their goal weight,” she adds.


    To learn more about Dr. G’s Weight Loss and Wellness of Newport, click here.


    DEFINE Co-Onwer Mikel Quast (center) with
    instructors Janelle Dennie (left) and Lauren Pax (right)

    DEFINE Body and Mind
    The brand new DEFINE Body and Mind in Oakley offers three core classes to help you reach the perfect balance of mind and being: Body, Rev and Mind. These classes include barre, cycling and a yoga-infused relaxation class.


    Tallie Neltner opened DEFINE because she deeply believes in the company’s mission to educate people on how to become their absolute best. “We believe that physical strength, length and balance impact both states of mind and being,” she explains. “We create an atmosphere that inspires results, fosters community and gives back to others in order to achieve sustainable health and happiness.”


    Neltner comes from a competitive dance background and competed with the Louisiana State University Tiger Girls dance team in college. She’s always had a love for fitness and health and wanted to share her passion with others.


    DEFINE helps bring the community together while offering a variety of classes for men, women and children of all ages and fitness levels. And since life a parent can be busy, DEFINE is also offering space for child care aside from the kids classes so the little ones have their own opportunity to be at their best. Moms with newborns can attend Mom and Baby classes twice a week to help with bonding while the baby sits on your chest for the 30 minute session.


    “We want to show women that even though we have careers, housekeeping, children and a million others things going on, we can still find time to devote to our bodies because our health is so important,” says Neltner.


    At the Women’s Health Expo, DEFINE will offer a free class to anyone who is interested in attending as well as discounted prices on the studio’s retail items.


    To learn more about DEFINE, visit

    Founders of Owl Be Sweatin’,
    Mallow DeBra (left) and K.C. DeBra


    Owl Be Sweatin’
    K.C. and Mallory DeBra started Owl Be Sweatin’ while in search of a headband that did what it was made to do – hold your hair back while you’re getting your sweat on. When their search proved unsuccessful, they decided to design their own. After the dynamic duo began wearing them to their sand volleyball league games, women immediately began approaching them about where to purchase the functional and fashionable hairbands. That was when they knew they had something good.


    Not only do the Owl Be Sweatin’ headbands do their job, but they’re also adjustable and feature a non-slip velvet to prevent them from sliding, pinching and pulling your hair.


    “There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to headbands and we wanted to be able to help all women,” explains Mallory. “This was the concept behind Owl Be Sweatin’. Just like you don’t wear the same size shoe or pants as everyone, you should also have the ability to adjust your headband to your liking.”


    When you visit Owl Be Sweatin’ during the Women’s Health Expo, you’ll get to see a variety of styles and width of their products. “Feel free to pick our your favs on our website before you come,” says Mallory. “If we don’t have it in stock at the show, you can order and we’ll ship it for free.”


    To learn more about Owl Be Sweatin’, visit or “like” their Facebook page.


    Sanctuary DermaSpa
    If you’re looking for a results-oriented medical spa specializing in a variety of services, Sanctuary DermaSpa is the place for you. The business is owned by Jean Jenkins Clark, whose career has been defined by her passion for both beauty and medicine.


    Clark’s previous work in the industry includes the launch of a beauty telemarketing business as well as a gym and fitness center. She’s a registered nurse and also has her managing cosmetology license. “Since 2005, I’ve been involved in the evolution of Sanctuary DermaSpa where I spends my time partnering with women to live their most beautiful life,” Clark explains.


    Sanctuary DermaSpa, located on Kenwood Rd., is a results-oriented medical spa specializing in the treatment, restoration, and maintenance of your skin’s appearance. “We are affiliated with the Kitzmiller Skin Care and Dermatology Center, and medically directed by James B. Kahl, M.D., FACS, Kahl Center for Plastic Surgery,” says Clark. “Dr. Kahl’s oversight ensures Sanctuary DermaSpa’s health and beauty services are administered with the highest degree of safety and expertise.”


    Services offered by Sanctuary DermaSpa include laser hair removal, Botox injections and fillers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, hydrafacial, ultrasound vitamin peel, Latisse, Zo Skin Health, Clarasonic and Dermaware.


    Sanctuary DermaSpa will offer on-site complimentary skin analysis to attendees at the Women’s Health Expo. You’ll also have the opportunity to take advantage of special offers for future spa services featured on the promotional piece included in your swag bag.


    To learn more about Sanctuary DermaSpa, visit


    Dare To Dance
    Marco Mechelke is a world-class adjudicator and ballroom dance coach. Before he started Dare To Dance, Mechelke saw that Cincinnati was under-served in the ballroom dance area and wanted to fill the gap with top-notch instructors and customer service.


    Today, Dare To Dance is the largest ballroom dance and fitness studio in the Tri-State. “We offer 10,000 square feet of bouncing, banging dance,” says Mechelke. “Not only do we have the best instructors in the area, but our ballrooms are modern and beautiful.”


    You’ll find three, yes three, ballrooms at the Dare To Dance studio. The main floor is 2,200 square feet with a stage at one end and a kitchen bar at the other. There are also more than 35 Ballroom, Latin, Zumba and Boot Camp group classes each week as well as private lessons.


    A variety of Dare To Dance instructors will be doing live dance demonstrations, encouraging audience participation, at the Women’s Health Expo. You can also stop by their booth for discounts, package prices, and special offers.


    Dare To Dance is open seven days a week. To learn more, visit


    The Women’s Health Expo will take place Saturday, May 17 from 10am-2pm at The Phoenix, located at 812 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. In the adjacent Garfield Garage on 9th Street, you can find $2 parking. The event features free health-enhancing seminars with local physicians, complimentary swag bags, healthy treats, health screenings (including the St. Elizabeth Healthcare Mobile Mammography Van), shopping at various pop-up boutiques, and learning about local health experts and services! Plus, one lucky attendee will win a $500 spa and jewelry prize pack! The event is free to attend and open to the public. Click here to learn more and RSVP.