Girlfriends on the Go!

Girlfriends on the Go!

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    Travel the world with your besties or make new friends en route, thanks to a locally-based, women-owned, female-focused travel agency. See how they can help you plan a unique and memorable trip — whether it’s a weekend getaway or a world-wide adventure.


    Girlfriends On The Go Travel sends women across the country and the globe on solo and group travel adventures.

    Looking for thrills, frills, and fun? Girlfriends On The Go Travel has you covered.

    “Girlfriends On The Go Travel is for any woman who wants to travel the world and get in touch with her sense of adventure,” explains Girlfriends on the Go Travel Co-Founder Valerie Jeffers. “It was created for all the ladies out there whose husbands or boyfriends do not like to travel, or visit the places they have always dreamed of seeing.”

    The travel agency was created when Jeffers and her co-founders Dana Kilgore and Rachel Cuadros were inspired following their own travels and meeting other women who say they wish they could be as adventurous in their own lives. “Additionally, from our experiences, we have found that women have a dream to travel the world, but they do not like traveling alone or have safety concerns,” adds Jeffers.

    While safety concerns are common among female travelers, Girlfriends On The Go Travel aims to lessen these concerns as the agency wants to give women the opportunity to travel, whether it be solo or with their besties, to meet new friends, and immerse themselves in the cultures of the destination they’ll visit.

    Together, the founders of Girlfriends On The Go Travel have over 30 years of travel experience combined, and all three have a passion for travel as well as a desire to help women travel to fabulous destinations all over the world.

    And all over the world Girlfriends On The Go Travel will take you. Jeffers says that the agency has gone all over the world, from Caribbean cruises to small group tours in Europe, Africa, and Asia, plus tours in the US including Nashville and fun holiday trips to New York City and Savannah, Georgia.

    Trips from Girlfriends On The Go Travel range from $700 to $7,000 per person and include unique accommodations (Jeffers says to picture castles and villages), signature dining experiences with wine and spirits, as well as private transportation.

    “Our tours are full of VIP experiences but still leave you plenty of time to explore on your own,” says Jeffers. “Our tours also include a tour leader along with a local English speaking guide, and some tours include one of us as a personal travel concierge to be on=hand to share advice, knowledge, and provide helpful tips so that everyone can relax and enjoy their vacation to the fullest.”

    Because the destinations are endless, Jeffers says that Girlfriends On The Go Travel is always looking for new and exciting destinations to explore, which also means that the trips are changed on a yearly basis.

    When traveling with Girlfriends On The Go, you’ll find camaraderie in the fact that the trips are for women only. The team also designs the tours to be for smaller groups, which allows for the ladies traveling to see and experience things that you normally wouldn’t be able to do with larger groups.

    “We also have ensured relaxed, leisurely mornings and longer hotel stays to get the most out of each and every trip, unlike the typical large group tour,” adds Jeffers.

    In addition to their travel schedule, the team from Girlfriends On The Go Travel will be visiting Women’s Expos across the country this year including Fort Wayne, Indiana; Atlanta, Georgia; and Edison, New Jersey.

    To learn more about Girlfriends On The Go Travel, visit There you can find full-filled itineraries and additional information on travel. You can also give them a call at 888-236-3434.