Hey, Michelle

Hey, Michelle

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    Inspired by the exciting city she lives in, this local lady launched a blog that covers all the fun she has making her way through the Queen City. Keep reading for all the details.

    Michelle Jones at Via Vite downtown (Photo: Amy Elisabeth Spasoff)

    With so much to do, see, and enjoy in Cincinnati, Michelle Jones wanted to give people a space they could go and find those things to do.

    “Hey, Michelle is a blog that serves as a way to keep up with all things fun and great in Cincinnati and on my travels,” she says.

    Jones originally launched Hey, Michelle because she had friends texting her to ask where to eat, where to throw a party, what there was to do over the weekends, and more. “So I thought I might as well start writing about what I love,” she adds.

    Jones launched Hey, Michelle in September 2016 and is the writer behind it all, which gives her the opportunity to cover what she wants as she sees fit.

    That means she gets to write about anything she likes and thinks that people should do while they’re in Cincinnati.

    “We have great things going on all the time and the restaurant and bar scene gets better everyday,” she says. “So I try to stay on top of what is new and the great old spots, too.”

    Michelle Jones, Founder of the blog Hey, Michelle

    When asked what she enjoys most about running Hey, Michelle, she says it’s meeting people.

    “Everyone has a great story, from the restaurant and bar owners to the people behind our fantastic arts,” she says. “People are very passionate about what they do and love to tell you about their journey to where they are today. I always leave with a smile on my face after talking with people.”

    In nearly two years, Jones says that her favorite posts thus far are the ones where she’s chatting with the owners behind local establishments and businesses and while they’re telling their story they reveal why they are following their passion. “I relate to that very well,” adds Jones.

    According to Jones, she is always trying to take things up a lever on her blog. She wants to explore new categories and expand her geography as she travels more and the city continues to grow.

    “I could literally write about something everyday, so using different platforms daily is my new thing so I can share things more often,” she says.

    To learn more about Hey, Michelle, visit https://www.heymichelle-help.com/. There you can sign up for her weekly email and find more information. You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.