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Home Away From Home

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    Need a change of scenery? For this week’s staycation issue, we explore two new downtown locations that blend the boutique hotel experience with all the comforts of home.

    In the time of COVID-19 and when travel outside the state isn’t what it was, The Guild wants to give you a home a short drive from home for your next staycation. 

    The Guild launched in March 2016 and opened its doors in Cincinnati in 2018. It offers travelers, and locals, the opportunity to stay in a space with distinctive design and extra space, like what you get in an Airbnb but the amenities of an upscale boutique hotel.

    According to Brian Carrico, CEO and Co-Founder of The Guild, the original location of this unique experience started in Austin, Texas.

    The inspiration behind the business, and its expansion into other cities, came from the founders’ own passion for traveling.

    “Chris Herndon, my co-founder, and I reflected back on our most memorable trips, and each of them combined the comforts of home with the thrill of discovering local gems,” says Carrico. “We wanted to provide that consistently delightful experience to every traveler.”

    The experience offered by The Guild is unlike other boutique hotel stays that can be found in the Queen City, he says. “While many other design-led apartment hotel brands have emerged in recent years, no company has our obsessive commitment to guest experience,” he adds. “While many of our competitors seek to leverage technology to reduce labor costs, we have taken a contrarian view.”

    According to Carrico, the guest service team at The Guild consists of the best and brightest in the industry, including alums of the world’s leading hotel brands like Rosewood and the Ritz-Carlton. “Our team has applied those elevated standards of service to a category that otherwise lacks the human touch,” he adds. 

    Today, The Guild can be found in Austin, Dallas, Miami, Nashville, and Cincinnati. 

    Those staying at The Guild can enjoy a safe experience and a customized stay, including special requests and groceries ahead of your arrival, as well as a contact-free check-in. 

    As far as The Guild’s Cincinnati locations, there are two different spots – The Current at The Banks and The Provident on Vine Street. 

    When bringing their brand to Cincinnati, Carrico and Herndon wanted to encourage visitors to explore the city, whether they’re local or from out of town. 

    “We would like travelers to enjoy their experience so much that it compels them to travel more frequently, which we believe will make the world more connected and empathetic,” says Carrico.

    Carrico and his team also understand that the idea of traveling may be uncomfortable to some. “While COVID-19 has been a challenging experience for urban hospitality brands like ours, we’ve been inspired by the team’s tenacity in the face of adversity,” he says. “We’ve doubled down on our commitment to guest service by keeping our guests safe and comfortable.”

    Carrico says that The Guild is looking to expand into new markets, including Denver, Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia. 

    To learn more about The Guild, visit https://theguild.co.