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Hot Dinner Happy Home

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    Erin Flugstad’s blog “Hot Dinner Happy Home” was inspired by a stressful work day. Today, it’s a place where three busy moms share all of their tasty triumphs, funny fails, and helpful recipes. Keep reading to get all the delicious details.

    Erin Flugstad just wanted to make a stressful day better with some comfort food. Turns out, she cooked up a lot more than just a hot meal that day.

    “After several years of wedded bliss, my husband arrived home from a particularly grueling day on the job,” she says. “With a downcast expression and a mighty sigh, he looked my way with the slightest glimmer of hope in his eyes. ‘All I want,’ he pleaded, ‘is hot dinner.’”

    Erin Flugstad, founder of the “Hot Dinner Happy Home” blog
    Erin Flugstad, founder of the “Hot Dinner Happy Home” blog

    From then on, Flugstad found that she can turn a bad day into something better by what she makes for dinner and decided to launch Hot Dinner Happy Home.

    “Hot Dinner Happy Home is a cooking and lifestyle blog featuring recipes and culinary know-how to help you turn your home into a haven, one meal at a time,” says Flugstad.

    Hot Dinner Happy Home launched in 2010, after Flugstad spent several years in Corporate America doing marketing and PR. Once her son was born in 2012, she said goodbye to her cubicle and started spending her days with the little one. “Through it all,” she says, “I’ve been making hot dinner -and everything in between-for my family and friends.”

    What makes Hot Dinner Happy Home special, according to Flugstad, is that it gives people a glimpse into her life and how she really cooks for her family. “I’m not forecasting food trends, I build my recipes around what’s on sale at the grocery store or the leftovers in my fridge,” she says. “I let you know when I totally botch something or watch way too much reality television.”

    With the blog, Flugstad says that she hopes to make cooking more approachable so that readers want to get in the kitchen. And since everyone has to get in the kitchen and do some cooking, she hopes to have fun doing it together with her readers.

    Recipes featured on Hot Dinner Happy Home come from everywhere. Flugstad is a self-proclaimed food nerd and says that she keeps cookbooks on her nightstand rather than traditional bedtime books. She’s also a fan of cooking shows and said that she finds inspiration from other food blogs.

    Thus far, some of her favorite posts include pumpkin chocolate chip mini muffins that were both moist and delicious and low in fat, which she jokingly says let her eat five for breakfast without any guilt.

    There’s also a roasted vegetable and goat cheese panini recipe that Flugstad says she recreated from a food memory and was just as delicious as she remembers. There’s a beef stew that Flugstad was once intimidated to make and something she was proud to accomplish. She says the first time she made this beef stew, it was a triumph.

    Other favorites of Flugstad’s include bread and butter pickles, roast chicken breast with herbes de provence, three cheese bacon macaroni, Sloppy Joes with crunchy coleslaw and sweet potato and chicken baby food.

    In addition to Flugstad, her fellow foodies Amy and Andrea also contribute content to Hot Dinner Happy Home. Amy is an Ohioan from Dayton while Andrea spent 15 years in the Tri-State. The duo met at Ohio University and Flugstad says they both offer fresh perspectives, humor, and Midwestern sensibilities to Hot Dinner Happy Home’s virtual kitchen.

    To learn more about Hot Dinner Happy Home, visit the blog You can also connect on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter @hotdnnrhppyhome.